Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today & Winner

Today is a day to Quilt...ALL DAY LONG!!!
Thats should be a song, don't you think?

I'm staring at my new quilt on the design wall in front of me, while I quilt this other piece...  Thinking about how I will quilt it...  On My Juki? On my Long arm? Am I daring enough to free motion on my long arm? hmmm, ideas will come... And also, what should I call this one?

The first one I made like this, is this one below," Modern Views," which was made for Michael Miller  Fabrics, a year ago, then it also hung at Quilt Con in their booth... Last week it was hanging at the AQS Modern show, and now it will be traveling for  a year with their AQS Modern Exhibit, so maybe it will come through your area... It was another quilt I made last year, that really got me out of my own box... This one, and my "Double Edged Love,"  So I'd say the last year was successful, in terms of practicing what I preach... haha! Try something new, even if it's for 15 Minutes. ;-)

It feels good to push a bit further out fo the comfort zone.
Do you agree?

I must get back to quilting, so I need to tell you the WINNER of Christina Cameli's book!


And thanks to everyone for your comments... 
I like hearing from you all, so please comment, I appreciate it!


  1. Thank you so much Victoria! This book will be well used. The first thing that came to mind about naming your beautiful quilt was Vivacious which describes you (from the videos I've seen).

  2. Fun stuff under that needle of your Juki!

  3. The quilt reminds me of flood lights in the it flood lights :0)
    Hey did you get to see Sir Paul in times Square today?

    Happy Sewing

  4. I love the different quilting going on over there! Very inspirational - just like the FMQ book!

  5. Congratulations to Janarama. Love that quilt on your design wall and the blue version too...

  6. 'VIVA L'AMOUR' comes to my mind. We sang it at Camp Frontenac in MN many years ago.

  7. "V" for the quilt name. congrats to the winner!!

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  9. I luv both versions! I think you should definitely call it VICTORI-ous!!!!
    Congrats to the book winner!

  10. Wow, just wanted to say how much I love the "Modern Views" quilt and the one on your design wall. Beautiful!


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