Sunday, October 13, 2013

Greatest Possible Trust

Sorry! I've been in my long arm CAVE for the last couple days, cranking out quilts for market!  I had the door open so I felt liKE I was quilting on my front lawn... A Beautiful fall day! 
Greatest Possible Trust By Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2013
I rcvd an email from my friend Lisa, AKA Red Headed Mermaid, as she was up in Lowell, at the New England Quilt Museum, and sent me a pic of my "Greatest Possible Trust" Quilt!  I look forward to being up in the Boston, (See my side bar for info on the Guild lecture friday night) Lowell area Friday-Sunday of this coming weekend to see it myself!  It's hard to see on this picture, but, there is both machine and hand quilting, hand embroidery,(all the white lines), hand applique with vintage fabrics, and new....  This is one of the 12 DWR quilts that will be at the Wisconsin Museum Show in JUNE, also... I do hope you will come to see them! Each one has me doing the happy Snoopy dance... This one in particular really pulls the old heart strings... 
Maybe you will catch a lecture in June when I talk about al these quilts... I can't wait to get home from Market and Festival to get working on the others!

After a full day of quilting... I sat down with Jenny Egg, and we both promptly fell asleep... Seriously, doe sit get any cuter?

I didn't even realize that fall had actually gotten here... it's been very warm in NYC and frankly, we have very few trees on our street. But getting to our house this weekend, and seeing all the leaves changing...Makes me want to curl up by the fire... ;-)  Yes I did... Love snugly fall, winter? not so much.
Can we just skip that season?

Favorite Season for you?


  1. Fall and winter are absolutely my favorites. I don't like summer and it doesn't like me! Have a great weekend.

    1. Char, i am with you on the seasons. i had to do a double take on the comment, i thought i must have written it in my sleep. it sounds so much like me.

  2. i like them all. they each have their good qualities - each one is my favorite as it happens!

  3. Winter and even though my family thinks I am crazy I miss snow too! The best birthday I've had in year (date is Feb 12) was the year of an afternoon blizzard, after I got home from work. My kids (18 and 19) and I played in the snow thru the afternoon into the evening. BEST DAY EVER!

  4. "Greatest Possible Trust"..stunning! I admire you and your work immensely.

  5. No we can't skip winter. It's my favorite. Enjoy your warm fall quilting and good luck next weekend.

  6. 'Autumn in New York' is even better than 'April in Paris'...but I love both!!!

    And I can't wait to see your 'Trust' quilt in person. Elegant edge finish on the red half!

  7. I love autumn, spring and summer.

  8. I'm all about summer! Love the sun and heat! I used to hate fall and winter, but now that I've retired I notice I don't mind them as much. When the snow starts to fall I make soup, stay home and quilt. Life is good.

  9. I really love your work and "Greatest Possible Trust" is amazing. Spring here in Australia which is a great time of the year and I know that Fall is great in the US as well. Looking forward to hearing about other adventures in creating!

  10. The new quilt is beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person. ;) I'm a winter girl. I really look forward to the change of the season this time of year and I'm eager to see the first snow, then hope it keeps piling on.

  11. I love the colors in fall, and I love looking out the windows in winter.

  12. "Greatest Possible Trust" is my favorite quilt, ever. The color, design, and technique are a perfect mix of old/new/traditional/ and modern. It engages the eye and won't let go...

    Jenny Egg is reminiscient of our own Schnoodle, Scamp.
    He passed away this past June (age 16 1/2), and left a big hole in our hearts.
    Enjoy that snuggle session.....


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