Thursday, August 22, 2013

Need Blocks pelase.

Thanks Siobhan for your Anvil block!

Yep! I am in need of more ANVIL blocks for the
quilts I make and give as people when I hear someone is affected by cancer.

Are you willing to send me a block or two?  
I keep these blocks on hand, so when I hear of someone else with cancer, I make them a quilt ASAP.
I am using up the last of the last "call for help" blocks now.

And I have two quilts to make. ;-(
If you can help, info follows.

There is no deadline, I keep these blocks specifically for these quilts.

The tutorial is here:

I need blocks with BLUE backgrounds, and

BRIGHT HAPPY COLORS for the pattern.  (No black or all white please)

We need these to be happy, healing  fun blocks, ;-)

Address to send:

You can see Larry's quilt here:

and another here:

Thank you for your support... Hoping to make a few more people smile in their trying times...

Thank you!!


  1. I know you must think I've fallen off the face of the earth...or maybe got swallowed up in a giant roll of batting (more likely)....but for sure I will make and send some more Anvils...since you are always collecting them (you are such a dear for making these sad there's a need...but you're absolutely awesome to share the little free time that you have - sleep is so overated)...right now we're eyeball high with 20hr days getting ready for a show...but come October...I get a short reprieve...look for my Anvils sometimes that month. Bless you sweet Ms.V!

  2. I'll be glad to make some. I will work on them over the weekend and send them early next week.

  3. wonderful of you to do this, Victoria. And I love that you post pics of the blocks/quilts - I was pleased to spot my block I sent you months ago (bottom left corner on the last pic). I LOVE that border you used! I am going to try and send you some more anvils. xo

  4. These quilts are so full of love, it glows right through the digital images. What a(nother!) wonderful thing you are doing. Adding "more anvil blocks" to my projects list, right up at the top, although I can't promise a super-speedy ship date. Glad to hear this is an open call.

  5. Got one done today, it will be on the way real soon
    and I blogged about your anvil block call too.

    Happy Sewing


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