Saturday, August 17, 2013

DWR: pinning your melons


Here's a quick video on pinning/piecing your "melons" for the double wedding ring.

More to come!
Summer "time" is running out fast... please slow down!!!
I'm not ready to be back in NYC!
I couldn't even get in the house to do this video... I stayed outside all day. LOL!
 Jenny egg was having a good snooze next to me... ;-)


  1. Thanks for showing this. I am horrible with written instructions. With you so what?

  2. Sweet! Curved seams are just not that hard just takes a bit of tip I would add is keeping the fullest part of the seam near the feed dog.

    Happy Sewing and enjoy the last days of summer :0)

  3. Great video, thanks for showing it. I'm almost ready to join them up - Hugs Nat

  4. I agree that summer is going way too fast. I noticed about two weeks ago how the quality of the light has changed, that it is getting darker earlier in the evenings, and not getting lighter in the mornings until later. I wouldn't mind the cold winter if it was just light outside. I am still crossing my fingers for some warm weather for awhile before Old Man winter shows up!

  5. I just made a DWR for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! I wish I had, had your tutorials to watch before striking out on my own! Way to go Beatrice! Great tutorial and video!

  6. Awesome tutorial...and a lovely vision dressed in white reflected... Smiles. Since we like doing DWR''s we've gotta put a pin in it. Uh oh oh uh oh oooo. Lmao


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