Tuesday, August 13, 2013

double trouble.

Hi all!  Where have I been?  Locked in my quilter cave, quilting some quilts on my long arm... I need to get a few more under my belt so I feel comfortable using it...  So while I am on one side  of my house, My Friend E, is here, playing in my other studio on the other side of the house, on my one of TWO new JUKI machines... Here is my new Home JUKI EXCEED F600 machine, that has all the "extra" stitches on that my other straight stitch machine does not have. I also have the updated version of my two machines that I LOVE and ADORE. the JUKI TL2010Q... LOVE MY JUKI machines!!!!

Here's E cranking out a quilt top!  She has been at it for two days, and it's nearly done....
and I thought I was fast!

She's adding some flying geese now, around, and a few more blocks to make it longer... I think she will be done before I finish this post!

Monday to Tuesday, Michael and I got to sneak off for one night to celebrate our 14 year wedding anniversary. Even though our anniversary was the 24th, better late then never! Date night started with some ice cream... not a bad way to start a date. ;-) Then a walk on the beach on Shelter Island...a glorious night...

Here you can see what I've been up too... I've been playing like crazy on that long arm... I have a bunch of quilts I need done ASAP, so I need to get over my learning curve!  Am I bit frustrated?  Maybe  little... that machine is great, it's just me and my patience...  I don't have that muscle memory down yet or the confidence to just go to town free motion and get these done the way I want... But I do know... If I don't quilt these tops, I will never learn... so I will keep quilting on! one day I will be better! right?

Hope I see a bunch of you in Pittsburgh  8/23-24 or at
Mary's in Bedford, PA 8/25.

off to finish that quilt...

gotta get'r done.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your cutie!

  2. I am trying to spend some time machine-quilting each day to develop that muscle memory...think I dumb muscles!

    Happy anniversary!

  3. I admire your attitude concerning learning. You HAVE to start somewhere. Please remind me of this when I get my long arm machine! LOL Happy Anniversary!

  4. Nice! I love learning new things and you definitely have the right attitude! Take care and have fun!

  5. First Happy anniversary! Second What fantastic machines and beautiful work!

  6. Thanks for the video clip and long arm quilting insights. Happy Anniversary Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  7. you girls know how to have fun!
    is there any chance you're doing classes in south jersey?

  8. Love seeing your new toys. What a great encouragement to those of us who wish and hope to one day have a longarm machine of our own.

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    10,000 hours at that quilting machine and you will be an expert :0)

    Happy Sewing on your new machine

  10. Keep at it! It took me a while to learn the differences between my sewing machine and the operation of a multi-directional machine. You will be a mechanic before you are through! Plus you also have the computer part to learn too - I don't have that. My guild makes charity quilts, so I worked through about 10 of those before I got the courage to do my own quilt. Stitching in the ditch will NEVER be easy, it always wobbles somewhere. Usually I end up on the ditch bank about half the time anyway. Good luck, keep practicing.

  11. Love E's quilt! Have fun with your long arm - you're right, practice makes perfect!

  12. Hey Victoria
    Happy anniversary! Keep up the practice, that's what develops the skill. I would love a longarm, but for now I peddle away on my domestic babylock! Let me tell ya there is a learning curve for free motion using a domestic machine, however I too keep practicing and I find constant improvement is being made. Sometimes using a really nice quilt top can be intimidating so I make scrap quilt "sandwiches" just to practice on. I did take a class, but my progress and improvement is really from just "doing it". Like many of the corny old adages ---"practice" really does make "Perfect"!
    Most important--have fun with the process and enjoy the journey!
    As always,
    happy Stitchin'


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