Tuesday, July 16, 2013

what a day

Well Tuesday started out as any other day.. get up, feed the dogs, do some chores around the house....  I started by cleaning the rug I bought in Wisconsin... I was waiting for a few HOT days so I could wash it, block it and let it dry in the sun.... Wow did that do wonders! the colors are so amazing in this rug... I love it! My patio is pitched, which helps it drain and I can leave it right where it is til it's dry.
Then I did some more clean up around here, and fiddled around a bit more in Beatrice room... the fabric I ordered to cover two of her walls, is not getting here til Saturday. BOOO!!!!!  Beatrice comes home Thursday... So it won't be totally finished in time for her... I ran to my studio to see if i had Anything that I could hang to cover the mural just for effect on Thursday... I found this green/white Jennifer Paganelli fabric that actually looks really nice! But I don't have enough to do all of two walls... So when I get the other fabric. You will see what I mean.. ;-)
The desk came fro her room, and chair and drapes, Wednesday the lamp... So I'm pretty much done... 
I think she will be quite pleased...
Then. I went back to my studio to do some work, and I checked in on Facebook and saw that people were getting notifications for the quilts they entered into International quilt Festival in Houston. I checked my email, and no email.  My stomach began to turn... then I got nervous, as more people were getting there emails. Where was mine!! Then. Finally. My emails came.

Both quilts I entered got in to HOUSTON!!! TWO!   I'm so excited I almost fell over.  I have tried for three years to get a quilt into Houston, and well, three times was a charm!

I would have been OK if I didn't get any in. Trying makes me a better quilter...and I like making better quilts! So to get one, then two accepted, was mind blowing....

Now that was pretty cool ... Definitely made my day... then....Hours later...
We, ( the same group as I was a part of last year for our group quilt, Kathy York, myself, Frances Holiday Alford, Michele Muska, Leslie Tucker Jenison, and Hoodie Crescent,) got word that, our group quilt,  got in to Houston, too!

I'm overwhelmed and stunned, humbled... ( and really happy!)

What a day.

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  1. Gorgeous,gorgeous rug! Where in WI did you get it may i ask?

    Congrats on having 3 of your quilts go to Houston!!

  2. Wow three quilts! I saw that on Facebook but i was waiting for a blog post to say CONGRATS! Yippee! Hooray!!!!!

    I am loving B's room.

  3. That is amazing news! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, and very well deserved. B's room is looking sweet, too!

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats. That is great news. You are truly a star! I wish I could be in Houston to see them. Please share the photos when you get back - Hugs Nat

  6. THREE quilts in Festival??? That must set a record!!!

  7. Congrats! Cannot wait to see pictures!

  8. Congratulations! That is awesome news! Makes me wish I could go to Houston this year.
    I think Beatrice will love her new room! Looking forward to seeing the other fabric that will go up. The one up there is very nice.

  9. That's really sweet to get not just one but two and then three quilts into the Houston show! That rug is seriously awesome! And Beatrice's room is going to be perfect for a young teen!

  10. LOVE the rug and the room! You have a good eye .... as we all know! LOL ♥♥♥

  11. My rugs aren't that big, been making one but it now hurts my shoulder so I can't finish it. No near as pretty as yours. I do wash them NON-washing machine these days so that the backing stays a little longer then hang over the chain link fence....lol

  12. Congratulations on getting 3 Quilts into Houston! That is quite the accomplishment! Very happy for you :)

  13. Congratulations on Houston so looking forward to seeing the quilts. An awesome rug and so big!

  14. Great day for sure. Rug, room for B and not1 ,not2 but 3 quilts accepted for Huston. "A little ripper of a day." Well deserved Congratulations.

  15. Wow. The rug is gorgeous. The colors came through
    beautifully. Yes you had a banner day!!! Nena and
    I are so happy for you!!!

  16. Do you ever sit down? Hehe. Bo's room looks great! She is going to love it.

  17. WHAT A DAY!!! Congratulations ... so happy for you! I was out your way this past week
    for artMRKT, ArtHamptons and the HC&G designer house party. Saw, and of course read, the two-page
    spread about you in Hamptons Cottages and Gardens magazine ... love the photos. (And thinking that Beatrice's room would fit right in with the cover story!)

  18. What a great way to end your day. Congratulations.

  19. What a great way to end your day. Congratulations.

  20. Congratulations on Houston! How exciting and validating!

  21. Congratulations on three pieces in Houston! I will look forward to seeing them once you are allowed to post them.

  22. Congrats, Victoria! Well deserved success.

  23. Enjoyed the posts about Beatrice's room..so thoughtful of you to encourage her interest in redoing it....what do you think about that new rug you washed in HER room?? The colors would be awesome!

  24. Congratulations! And gorgeous rug!

  25. BUT, of course, they were accepted. I would not think there ever would be any doubt! You do excellant work and have a lot imagination and are gifted! Love the rug too

  26. How awesome! Congrats! I hope to be showing with you there one day!

  27. Congratulations! Wonderful news and very exciting! Love the new rug.


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