Thursday, July 18, 2013

DWR challenge update.

Hi All!  Just dropping in to say, I've updated the BLOG HOP list with direct links to most of the posts in the blog tour(so far). Some still have template giveaways going on,so pop over for a chance to win a set! 

I had a few emails about what ONE RING IS, in the DWR challenge...  THIS image above, is ONE RING of a double wedding ring pattern...  Watch the video for more thoughts, and see what's up these days....


Be sure to VISIT PAT SLOAN today to read her story on her Double wedding ring.  ;-)

And also JESSICA'S post here!


July 8th
​NYC MOD​ Quilters
 July 9th
Emily Bailey
Shelly Pagliai -
July 10th
Amy Ellis
Faith Jones
July 11th
Amy Smart

July 12th
Dan Rouse
Elisa Albury
July 13
Jenny Cameron
July 14th
Jane Davidson
July 15th
Joanna Wilczynska
Jackie Kunkel-
July 16th
Kathy Doughty
 July 17th
Lisa Mason
Flaun Cline
 July 18
Pat Sloan
Jessica Alexandrakis
 July 19th
Jacquie Gering
Lee Heinrich
Monica Solorio-Snow


  1. Oh, you poor gorgeous gal, you look sick! I'm going to make mother noises need more rest, you've been overdoing, you know that too. I think you should cancel some of your commitments and take a good rest. All will be well then, back at it. : )

  2. Victoria, you are awesome! I love that you posted despite being sick and hot. You are gorgeous no matter what! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day picking up Beatrice and heading home. Hope you feel better really soon!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon, Victoria. Welcoming Beatrice home will cheer you up, no doubt. I'm enjoying all the DWR posts on the blog hop, and have fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole more than once the past few days admiring all the great renditions out there.

    (Cool and overcast in Hilo this morning; it can be horribly sticky here but never gets very hot, even on sunny days. I remember well how awful NYC is in mid-summer.)

  4. Hi Victoria. I have committed to myself to participate in this and I'm really excited :). Quick question, did I read somewhere that the pickle dish pattern is also considered a variation of the DWR?

  5. Sorry you are sick. Thanks for the update on DWR challenge. I signed up would you believed? When you sign up for the challenge do you have to be part of blog hop? Hope not because I've never made one! Get well soon - Hugs Nat

  6. I do hope you are feeling better! You poor dear! Thank you for such a REAL post (I know you canNOT do any other type!!!) Will scope out the challenge and welcome home Boo!!!!! Hugs, blessings and well wishes.........

  7. I am fascinated by your DWR quilt that's been talked about on the hop. It's the pink, black, white one. Did you post about it? I'd love to read more about how you interpreted the pattern in such a unique way.


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