Tuesday, July 30, 2013

redo is done!

I had made a post then forgot to post it, a while back!  YES! Beatrice LOVED HER ROOM!!!  A few of you asked!  She was blown away, and loves every bit of it....

The fabric came for her walls!  I use decorator tacks to tack it to the wall at the top and around edges/doors etc...I tack it up,t hen let it hang for a few days loosely, until the drape falls out... then I tack the bottom. This fabric was a Riley Blake Zig zag, but looks like a stripe here! 
You can see it better below.  I match up the patterns when I join the widths together with a GLUE stick! No sewing what so ever! Goes quick, and looks great, and save me from painting over her mural underneath!  (I'm not ready to get rid of it yet... Mommy attachment!) see old post here...

Jenny Egg is quite happy the big doggie got donated to her for a new dog bed....She's made her nest in no time flat!

 Kia, om the other hand is still happy with her roll as Queen Pillow squasher...

And I am still queen of making a giant mess!
Been throwing some fabric around over here... It feels good!

Another quilt went to it's new home! It arrived today and was hung today! Speedy!
"Tiny Dancer" looks good and ready to greet the guests! (see old posts here)

Scrappy goodness is happening...

It seems we inspired Emily and her daughter to redo her room too! Go see what they did!  ;-) and...

Speaking of scrappy goodness, Emily has done a little tour of scrappy quilts, have you seen?
Swing by tomorrow to see mine.

Do you have a favorite SCRAPPY quilt that you've made?


  1. What a fun room and I can see she loves it.
    My favorite scrappy quilt is one I call broken hearts, it was made when I lost my kitty and needed something to keep my hands and mind occupied. I did it like a crazy quilt and used what I had.


  2. Love the room! I also love seeing Kia, we don't see her to much, Jenny Egg takes the spotlight most of the time.

    I am partial to the Cavs, my grand-dog Hugeaux is oneI

  3. Everything looks wonderful! My current project, a diary quilt ala Mimi Dietrich's book, is turning out scrappy. The main top has tons of fabrics purchased for the quilt, but looks scrappy (it was the first thing I started so I didn't have scraps yet!) and now the borders are finally going on and they are turning a bit scrappy, and I LOVE it!

  4. Thanks for a pic of the finished room. Beatrice does look as if she approves. Hard to do with our kids at times. And--what are decorator tacks and where do you get them? I've been using command strips.

    How is your fractured coming along? Any chance to work on it? Sally

    1. decorator tacks are the fancy brass looking upholstery tacks you can get at the hardware store... Haven't had time to work anymore on that fractured quilt. sadly... That's why i was working os fast to get it done then... ;-)

  5. Success! Nicely done with a smiling Boo to show for all your work! You'll never get her out of there to get back to NYC!!!

    I just finished a cute scrappy quilt for my Granddaughter's 5th birthday made from scraps from a ABC wall hanging that has been in her room since she was born. All fun!

    Happy Summer and Happy Sewing

  6. Thanks for taking part in Scrap Happy Summer and inspiring DD's room. So glad Boo loved her room. It turned out great!

  7. Boo looks like one happy young lady! Now if I could just get my bedroom finished! The family xmas quilt I made two years ago was a zig zag quilt made with scraps (mostly) - picture is on Dec. 27, 2011 on my blog - I think is one of my favorites. I love all the color! My brother, Bob, won that one.

  8. So glad all your hard work was such a success!! Beatrice looks very happy.


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