Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bumble beans BASICS Call for help.

It's funny how connections are made.
Precious connections.

When I re did Beatrice's room, we had many toys that I needed to donate, so I took them to a local preschool I drive past constantly near my house on long island. They couldn't take the toys, but said, have you tried THE RETREAT?  I said, No, where is that?

Turns out, they are a mile from my house on a side street.


I stopped in, offered the toys, (which they were happy to take...ALL of them! ;-)
and I asked more about what they did at their org.

Turns out, it's a fantastic place,  AND, they can use our help!

The Retreat:

For 26 years, The Retreat has been providing domestic violence services and education to families on the East end of Long Island. Programs include a residential shelter for women and children, a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, individual and group counseling, legal advocacy for all victims of domestic violence, programs to engage troubled fathers and other men who may be at-risk of committing family violence, and an in-school violence prevention education program taught in local area schools. All services are provided free of charge.
Your quilts will warm the hearts and bodies of 125 women and children. We appreciate it so much!!

If you pop over to Bumble Beans BASICS, you will see the page for the Retreat.

Start Making!

We will need about 125 quilts. TWIN AND BABY/TODDLER size. (Quilts for moms and kids)

1. The dates to Send quilts starts Sept 10th. through January 1st.
2. Do not send before, because I am NOT there to receive them until the 10th of Sept.
3. Once Sept 10th gets here, I will again have the REGISTRATION Link for your quilt and info that you must fill out to receive your number to include on your package.

So, this is your save THE QUILT AND THE DATE!


Another great place to help out. Thank YOU!!!


  1. We summer in East Hampton and over the years I have read articles about fund raisers for the Retreat, but never knew much about it. Thank you for making quilters aware of a way we can help. Please post the measurements for the quilts that are needed. Toddler and twin measurements vary. I would feel more confident if I knew the exact sizes that are needed.

    1. ANY sizes, they are happy to take whatever they can get... I don't like to limit people to what they have to make... so many of us have things at the ready... The children are all ages, so, we don't have a range... we need babies, toddler, up to twin size. Thank you for asking!

  2. I am in! My daughter is an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) and there is such a great need. Most of us are not aware of it.

  3. I'm in. I have 2 toddler quilts finished: that is, quilted, bound, and labeled - that need a toddler.

  4. Added the date to my Google calendar, thanks Victoria!

  5. Hey Victoria
    I have nothing on hand, but will start sewing something cute and cheerful next week ! Always glad to help and pay it forward! Glad you posted info. Will check for registration info sept. 10th!
    As always,
    Hugs and Happy Stitchin

  6. Have a couple baby quilt tops that even I should be able to quilt by September! Great cause...

  7. I have a quilt I made specifically to learn free motion quilting and to donate to basics (here:

    Can I hand deliver it to you at the next guild meeting?

    Tina :)


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