Wednesday, May 29, 2013

tick tock

See you June 2nd?  Hope so!  San Jose Quilts & Textiles Museum!  

Question of the day:
ONE or FIVE quilts? Which do you do at once?
Does everything come to a head at this time of year for everyone?

For  me...  Family, work, etc etc...   Today it's Beatrice's birthday, and we had a 7am optometrist apt, school, Dr. apt after school, dogs into groomers, and a Broadway show today... plus all the regular day work...  That is how every day is lately... packed to the brim... Packing for MN, packing studio to move out to our house for the summer.... all by next week...  
There's so much happening right now it's hard to take time to post... so if you are on facebook... pop over there and find me... while I am traveling it's easier for me to post there...
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Off and running.



  1. Who works on one quilt at a time? I can't even count my WIPs anymore, but that's okay with me. My goal is to live long enough to finish them all. So I keep on starting new personal life insurance!

  2. It's nice to know there are others that work like I do! It always seems like I get more done when I do everything at the last minute. The time crunch makes me stick to it, I guess. My guild's quilt show is in 3 weeks which means I should be frantic in these last weeks, but this year I actually got everything finished a couple weeks ago, so now I just wander around the sewing room looking for something to do! I think I like it better the other way.

  3. When do you find the time to breath or sleep?! Have a great time traveling! I would say I work on one quilt at a time most of the time. Depending on how soon I need to get that quilt done rules whether I finish it totally or piece another top. For baby quilts, I have a tendency to make a bunch of tops, then pin baste them all, and finally quilt and bind them.

  4. That all changes when you don't have a "school year" calendar anymore....let's see
    youngest graduated HS in 1999 so its been a while since I felt that "end of year rush". And now I'm living in the south where the living is slow and easy.
    One quilt at a time........NEVER!..... gotta have lots going on to keep the fingers busy and the imagination hopping.

    Happy Sewing and safe travels my friend

  5. I have to say that glasses were the best gift I ever got. It wasn't my birthday, but I would happily have taken them as a birthday gift. I had never stood on the ground and been able to see individual leaves. I didn't know I could stand upright and see the single pieces of gravel in the pavement. I was so happy to see things I had never seen before.

    Life does slow down the quilting when life turns busy. I have been slow lately. And yes, I do procrastinate. I usually have several things going. One will start to dominate and I will get it finished.

    1. oh, We're happy she has the glasses, she just wasn't happy about getting up at 6am on her birthday! haha! it falls into that category of cramming it all in at the last minute... lucky for her her Dr. visit isn't til next week, so at least no shots on her birthday! ;-)

  6. I think May is always busy. Back before my kids were grown, my friends and I used to talk about Mothers Against May! And then things ease up. See you when you're in Madison (Waunakee)!

  7. Oh Victoria, I enjoy your videos, you make me laugh. I wish you had shown us Jenny Egg ! haha And your right, most of us are like you, last minute, 15 things at once ! Isn't that the right way ? LOL

  8. Right now, I have four quilts on my walls and quite a few in various stages on any flat surface available in my sewing room! I know I need to clean and sort in there because there are layers of projects. For me, its just not about a finished product but the process of making the quilt too. I find I am much more creative when things come down to the wire but the amount of stress isn't always healthy for me.

  9. OH, it is soooo boring to work on only one quilt at a time. How does anyone do that? I just ran into my sewing room for a quick count....these are just the quilts I am currently working on, not any that are already hiding in closets (or in boxes, folded on beds, sitting on shelves) and todays count is..........16!
    And yes, I too tend to procrastinate. Or perhaps it's just a case of trying to get the 'most' out of each quilt. Who knows what pleasure I might miss out on if I finish something too quickly. LOL.

  10. Happy Birthday to Beatrice! Hope you have a chance to catch your breath soon and slow down a bit.

    I usually work on not more than two quilts at a time.

  11. I mostly procrastinate on desk projects by playing in the sewing room. And I'm a hopeless project slut. Hopeless. Some days I wish the idea fairies would just slow DOWN for one minute, sheesh.

    WIP/UFO count has been on the to-do list for 2 years, and I'm afraid, very afraid, of what that number is. Okay, yes: I am in major procrastination mode when it comes to facing the project count!

  12. ... and what's this about "no sewing while on the road"? A Hawaiian applique pillow top is highly portable, only two pieces of fabric, minimal kit needed, and will keep your fingers busy for a good while. And then you can hand-quilt it.

  13. Right now I'm actively working on four quilts. I have about twenty *inactive* projects in various stages. My sewing room is a mess from the mad rush to finish four quilts for our quilt show. ( It was worth it--I got five ribbons! ) I set up my Featherweight in the dining room and that area is absolutely in order so I can piece my heart out until the mood strikes and I tackle the sewing room. Good luck with all the end of school stuff--my two daughters are doing the same thing, so you are not alone! Enjoy those years, they go by TOO fast!

  14. It's soooo boring to work on one quilt at a time!! 5, 6....,11, 12..... But who's counting?? I love the saying "if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done"!! Enjoy your time away - you'll have to prepare some hand work to take...maybe hexagons? Have fun.

  15. There's no inspiration like the deadline!!!!
    Ha! i have at least 7 quilts in progress at any one time.
    Them just like that I get inspired to finish one.
    Last weekend I finished one for a friend who was under the weather (she was thrilled) and I finished a table runner for a friend's birthday (but it had been in the works for nearly a year...).
    This weekend I hope to finish the back for my tea towel quilt and get that quilted... we will see because I am also beckoned by my red and white quilt that isn't a flimsy yet...and there's a Kathy Doughty quilt that has easy applique that I want to try...

  16. Three Birthday cheers for Beatrice
    Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip Hooray !! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    Add Christmas into the end of the school year activity and that's what happens here over November and December.

    Doesn't everyone have more than 1 quilt on the go?

  17. Happy Birthday Beatrice! Time is going to fly even faster now VFW! As per your question, personally, I try to get quilts done one at a time. Sometimes I get an urge to work on something new while finishing another. I used to not let myself do that, but, I do now because I think it hinders creativity.

  18. I'm always working on several projects at the time. Sometimes I want to do mindless piecing, other times I want to do hand sewing, other times I have an idea that I want to work out. Swapping between projects gives me an opportunity to step back, take a break and let things fall into place. It's like the watching the kettle waiting for it to boil - it will come to you while you're not paying attention..

  19. I work on a million things at once. My UFO list is never ending. And I am under the gun to get samples done now too. Yes, I think that things all happen at once...LOL I just got a call from a relative who is coming through here....and wants to stop and visit....on the days I was planning on going to the cabin...Uff Da !! Now what do I do ?....yep, it all happens at once.
    Enjoy the summer.

  20. I've been trying to cure my quilting ADD without much success. Id say 5 WIPs is a small number for me!


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