Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I've had quite a long time to work on this project for our NYC METRO MOD guild challenge,and here I am down to the wire...  Our theme for this challenge was METRO.... so I set out o make a quilt incorporating a few new techniques, and work outside my comfort zone...

First. I started with Digital fabric... I took a photo I had, and changed it, deleted color etc, and enlarged it to make a panel the size of the quilt I needed it to be...  36" x48"  Then I machine appliqued some cherrywood fabrics on it... that went pretty well!  Next, it sat here and sat here, and I tried several different pens, ink and fabrics to make a nice SILVER color...
I had to try many different things to get the right effect...I finally found this wild silver crinkle lame', and it did the trick....
It needed more color.... hmmmm, ok, well I had these great Tsukineko inks here, so I got them out and added color and depth to places where I felt it was needed...

Now I am in the quilting phase...
It's due Saturday!

So I'm off to work on that a bit more...  Final pics coming soon! Very out of the box for me!

I've had a great time playing out all the different options on this project.... so many new TOOLS for my quilters tool box!

What technique would you like to try, that you haven't already done?


  1. I got some squedge rulers last month. I am dying to make something with them. Then I jammed a plant stake into my eye and that set me back a bit. Duh! Better now, cornea specialist on thursday.

    Those squedge rulers are way cool. I need to clean up my room so I can have some space to work.

    One, that means I won't get in there again unil 2025!!! Aughhh!

    So...do we get to see yours???

  2. I can almost hear the Swooosh from the passing trains. I am looking forward to see the finished piece!
    I am quite fond of Tsukineko inks. So many different colours and so versatile. I will be playing with mine today, diluting them with water and adding them to an almost finished quilt drop by drop - after I have tried it out on a test cloth.. My grandson has been sick for several days so we have spent the last three days together. He's better now and I have promised we will paint today so I might as well do something useful.
    Have fun finishing!

  3. The only Tsukineko inks I have are pens. So I haven't tried painting a quilt that way. I haven't even used the pens on a quilt. Maybe I need to try that.

  4. Great experimentation!! Your brain goes to places mine would never even think of! Have fun with the quilting. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

  5. Oh my I can't even imagine what this will look like!

    I love the old fashion inkings I see on antique quilts....drawings, names
    and signatures. Everything old is new again!

    Happy Sewing


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