Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's up?

Gosh,where did the week go?  Crazy busy week here, but all good. Whipping up some finishes!
One is my "20" themed quilt for the Quilt Alliance...

Here's mine!
See what I mean? How can you have abad day after you read that? ;-)

More quilts please!

9 HUGE boxes are being delivered this week to the Parent-Infant center! YAY!!
We need more though, so keep them coming, we will accept quilts until June 1st.

Question of the day:
Bindings, do you machine them all, or do you machine and hand stich them?
Do you enjoy it?

I love binding the backs by hand watching my favorite tv shows at night...


  1. For some reason video won't play. Probably my computer. I love machine stitching the front and hand binding on the back in front of the TV, too. Gives me time to look at the fabric, touch and admire the quilt, feel the quilt's warmth, and just enjoy the process of handwork. I'm not fond of the look of machine bound quilts.

  2. Love the look of a hand stitched binding. It is my favorite part. Aside from the fact that I like stitching, it means a quilt is all quilted and finished. The moment they come back from the machine quilter the binding is the first thing that is so much fun to do.

  3. So funny about the guy from Paducah!!!
    I think hand stitched bindings on the back look better, but i've never done one.

  4. Okay. Rebooted and that did the trick! LOL. First of all, you and your hair are just gorgeous, so don't even think on it for a minute!

    I want a fabric wall like you have!

    I think it's awesome that you all "go public" with your sewing! How cool!

    My friend, Cindy, has a pillow in that magazine. I'm going to Barnes and Noble to see if I can get me a copy.

    You've had nice weather? We have YET to have any nice weather! Rainy. Cold. I hear we have snow in the forecast tomorrow. Then, I heard we have tornado watches for tomorrow. What????!!!!

  5. I love hand sewing so really enjoy sewing down bindings by hand on the back of the quilt.

  6. Yup, I sew them to the back by hand. My favorite part of quiltmaking.

  7. I sew the back by hand. Personally I think machine sewing make the binding too stiff. Yes, I usually do this while watching TV. I had my millennium quilt that I didn't think I would ever get the hand sewing done. It was 10' x 8' so that was 36' of hand sewing!

  8. I do not enjoy doing binding at all, so machine them. I do a straight stitch to get it on there, then a zig zag over the edge where it overlaps to the quilt for extra stability.

    By the time I'm doing binding, I just want a finished quilt, ya know? All the quilts I've made so far are functional quilts for heavy use (throws for the couch, bed quilts for my sons, etc.) so I don't mind the less polished look.

    I have on my "wish list" one of those binding feeding feet things that will make it even easier....(dreamy sigh). :)

  9. All by machine....I hate binding!

  10. I love hand-stitching - been doing it since my age was a single digit! I stitch the binding to the front by machine and to the back by hand.

    you have a long way to go to catch up to me in the gray hair department!!


  11. I love the hand binding part at the end as well. If I had the time and patience I'd hand sew/quilt everything but that is not realistic for me at this point. Love your work & blog!

  12. I machine sew all my bindings with a straight edge stitch. Too much other handwork going on (EPP, knitting, applique, even a teeny bit of hand-quilting) to waste a moment of hand-sewing time on a binding.

  13. I do both. I always hand stitch them to the back when entering shows or competitions, but also do machine stitched ones. Do I enjoy the binding part - well that varies from day to day, but I'll always prepare them as much as possible to spare my hands. I do however always enjoy the finished bindings!

  14. I used to not like doing bindings as they seemed a chore, until a friend pointed out that they were like the finishing line to a quilt. Now I love doing bindings, machining them on and hand stitching down, like you, in front of the tv, and plotting and planning for the next quilt, or two, or three, or.....!

  15. I, too, love the quiet time of handstitching down the binding after having machine stitched it from the front. Something meditative about that part...


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