Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend YAY!!!

Maria L! You are a amazing! Thank you for dropping off TEN baby quilts for BASICS today!!! I rcvd a bunch more boxes this week, my mail lady wants to know why I get some many boxes...I told her I have so many fabulous friends out there who share!!!  THANK YOU!!!
   I am planning on being LAZY this weekend... lazy lazy LAZY!
I may only sew on polka dots...
That's it.
How about you?


  1. Hi Victoria, I have conpleted a couple of projects today and hope to go to a quilt show with lots of international quilts, so no time to be lazy for me this time. Feel free to check my blog to see picts of my finishes. Enjoy your time relaxing..

  2. I have to write more of my adventurs with the Gee's Bend quilt class. I am hoping to made an instructional video if time permits. Confession:I have to perfect the technique first.

  3. Lovely quilts, I need to get to the Post office with mine. Haagen Daz, like so many other ice cream producers changed their carton size by a few spoonfuls in the last years. Their new "pint" = 14oz, "half gallon" = 1.6 quarts. There isn't as much to share. Reduced product/same price.

  4. Have a good, relaxing time getting your toes done! You deserve it. Congrats to your hubby!

  5. Hi Victoria
    Well, I will not be able to be lazy this weekend ---too much to do---after many years of working as a geriatric/ psychiatric social worker--I have decided to retire and invest my time in starting a sewing/ quilting business. Scary, exciting, frustrating,and thrilling ---feeling all of these emotions at once. Working on several ideas and with several people --one of which involves working with at risk kids ---teaching life skills ---sewing/quilting. Loving this idea--being able to continue in some way with my social work skills and combining them with my love of sewing---how cool would that be!!!
    Also excited about working with my historical society---and recently being asked to have a line of my items represented in the gift shop.
    As a member of the quilt alliance (great org.). you , once again have inspired me to make a quilt for their 20th anniversary . So that's another weekend project!,,,
    Well busy is good, entering a new phase of my life is good, Fabric,quilting, and sewing are always good!,,
    As always wishing you "good". Happiness and joy.
    congrats to your husband, and enjoy your well deserved LAZY. Weekend.
    happy Stitchin'

  6. are you SURE you didn't eat that ALL??

  7. Love the quilt you made for market! Speaking of smaller quantities, sugar in a 5 pound bag seems to have disappeared. All I see now are 4 lb bags.

  8. Hi Victoria: It's Maria I. I am the one that dropped off the 10 baby quilts to you on Friday. I was in town from Las Vegas, sorry I did not mention that to you, for my dad's 90th birthday. It was so very nice to meet you. Bringing my children with me to drop off the quilts was so great as well because I really don't think they have a clue as to what quilting means to me. It is all about the giving. I will definitely either send or bring you more quilts since my connections to NYC are still strong even though I don't live there anymore. As I said, it was a great pleasure to met you.


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