Saturday, March 9, 2013

play day!

I had a project I was supposed to being with my this weekend to my house to finish.. Guess what?
I forgot it!  OOPS!
So what does that mean? That means I have two days to PLAY with whatever floats my boat! I walked into my studio, and thought....hmmmmmm, where to start... I look down and the scraps in my bin were staring back at me... Not a bad color palette! Yellow, blue, green, purple, and gold! 
OK, Why not!
Now what to do with them? Well, there is my old phone book!  Let's cut some curves, use it as foundation paper, and fill it with scraps... Note, this is free hand... we're just playing here...

Well those were kind of FUN!  Here's a dark funky vintage piece, perhaps that will work... Kind of quirky! Love it! Love the DOTS too... NEED MORE DOTS....

Well, now there is a DOT! Thank goodness for CD's laying around! They always make a great template! Looks like I have some hand work ahead of me...

What are you up to, today?


  1. for some reason the word are flowing. The machine will get some attention later.


  2. I'm playing today, too. A friend gifted me a bag of older fabrics so they are getting chopped up so I can make her a new reusable shopping bag. Can't wait to surprise her with it :)

  3. Last year's phone book is in my studio awaiting play-time. Today, however, I am in quilting mode. Playtime will be my reward for resisting distraction and getting this project to "finished".

  4. I'm binding a baby quilt for Bumble Beans Basics. Say that three times fast! Looks like you're having a blast.

  5. I have been playing too, but not with fabric. The grandboys are staying with us this weekend, so we're staying busy. Your PlayInProgress looks intriguing!!

  6. finished quilting 15min Black of the month. Only binding to do. Show and tell for next week.

  7. These look very interesting. I'm off to work on a tumbler quilt. :)

  8. Packing, but I'll be playing soon :0)

    Happy Sewing and enjoy all the sunshine this weekend

  9. Ha! CD's are the modern substitute for the teacups used in olden days...

  10. I love the way your mind works! I'm being super lazy today after a wild week at work.

  11. Looking good! I've been pulling fabrics from my stash for my tea towel quilt!

  12. How fabulous! And makes me very excited as I have booked the LAST place in your workshops in Sydney. I just can't wait (little squeal of excitement there!). Michelle xx

  13. Hi Victoria
    Love your play project. Creative ventures for me today included sewing curtains for my local historical society,and
    Finishing up a baby quilt for Bumble Beans Basics! I've also been spending time reading 15 Minutes of Play! Loving the concepts , and the ideas----very freeing. Need to dive into that stash of scraps and start playing!


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