Friday, March 8, 2013

More Fabulous quilt blocks

Here are the EXTRA BLOCKS!!! Isn't this great? I have more to play with! AND!  Get a second quilt ready to have on hand!
GOSH YOU GUYS are GREAT!!!!  See old post HERE for the list of ALL the blocks I've rcvd!

I'm ready to baste the first quilt now. I just washed some great African fabric for the backing, funky I know. But I know he will love it! So, there it shall be!

I'm kind of running around here like a crazy chicken with her head cut off, getting ready to AU! I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it. I've always wanted to go to Sydney. So I'm packing my scraps, a few quilts, and oh yea, I guess some clothes!

In case you missed it, I'm off to SYDNEY next weekend to teach at Material Obsession!
Classes are sold out! Yay! What fun to go and PLAY with the quilters down under!!!

Hop over to Kathy's site and say hi, OK? She's a trooper right now, recovering from Breast cancer treatment. I can not wait to get to her and give her a gentle hug.

Life hands us funny things sometimes. Often times, it's things we would have never thought we'd have to deal with.  Be kind. Be grateful. Find the JOY in each day.

I set out for NY in 1994 to be an artist. I came to NYC with a suitcase, two boxes of paintings, and $200  in my pocket. (I do not recommend that to anyone) the $200 was gone in two days in NYC.  I set about following my dream, being the creative person I am.  And, although I've done that, my direction has certainly changed.  The important part has been being open to following the creative path that presented itself to me. Had I not found BLOGS, and beautiful quilts, I may not have found the deep appreciation for where I've come from.  Quilting, was always something we did, because, that's what we do in our family as MAKERS; We grow our food, we can our food, we make our quilts and clothes... it never dawned on me, that this would become my passion.

Now, I have a deep respect for where I've come from, and from where quilters have come from. Always look back, and forward for that matter, with respect!

Quilts are ROLLING in for the Child & Family Institute! THANK YOU!!!
BABY QUILTS AND TWIN SIZE  more info here:

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  1. He's gonna love that quilt Victoria, it has a wonderful energy to it, don't you think?? It's inspired me to create those blocks with our Project Linus group to create a quilt together for a change.And thank you for sharing your've come a long way since 1994 gal!!x

  2. I read Kathy's blog too and hope she has a great recovery. I bet you will have fun in Australia that is one place I would really love to visit.

  3. I love African prints so I love the backing! It will make a great back!

  4. So happy for you - to see where you are now. I think blogs have changed all our lives in some way. You have changed me and the way I think of making fabric. So excited for you - have a great time down under.

  5. Very wise words, sometimes you need to look back to appreciate the here and now. We are truly blessed, even with our own ups and downs. I'm so excited for you, going to AU and visiting Kathy and sharing your talents,

  6. Those blocks are all so gorgeous together, each one so different and so great in a group. Australia is in for a treat, you will all have a fabulous time.

  7. Thank you for shring your wonderful journey with us. You have brought joy to so many people!

  8. Holy Stink. How did I not know that you were coming to Oz? Are you teaching anywhere else while you are here? are a store in Canberra, I so hope you have other classes while you are here. Safe travels xx

  9. The blocks look gret together! I noticed that about half of the blocks in your second quilt have dots.....Do you think a nice wonky dot border or smashing would work? I just see how you are kind of on a dot! E

  10. Smashing? I meant sashing of course.....and the dots can be wonky or not! I love dots too! E

  11. How wonderful that you're coming down under. Are you coming to Melbourne too. I tried to book into your class at Material Obsession but unfortunately it was already booked out. Would love to see you in Melbourne!!!


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