Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Almost ready for AU!

Finishing up a few things when I should be packing!  Last minute tops to be finished,  mostly because procrastination brings on many finished pieces! Why is that?
This quilt above is for Newcastle Fabrics, using their Styl Mod Fabrics and Margo's shirtings. Sweet and fun!

I'm wrapping up my "20" themed quilt of the QUILT ALLIANCE!  Have you made one yet? We need your support, AND, there are great prizes!  Making a small quilt to donate helps us a lot And is a fun way for you to participate! So pop over to see the prizes!  The deadline to submit a quilt is May 1st!
I am going to be hand quilting mine on the long flight to Sydney! Do you know how long I've waited to go to AU? I've always wanted to go since I was a kid... I feel like skipping around the room, saying, "I'm going to AU!, I'm going to AU!"  Annoying I know, but, I'm super excited....  squeal!

One can't have enough hand projects, so I'm TRYING hard to get organized... Pulling out which perle cottons I want to use on these pieces...  My Friend Thea, in Sydney, told me she's having a baby! So not to be shocked when I see her! LOL!  Now of course I want to bang out a quilt for her infant to come! Maybe it's just the distraction ( yet another) I need so I can avoid packing until the last minute...

I'm not a fan of packing and many choices to make!  Mostly, I don't want to over pack on the clothes because I have so many Quilt things, I want to bring for my two days of teaching on the 21st & 22nd. The classes are sold out, through Material Obsession, and I am just so excited to go down, to play, and talk quilts!

Even better, my very sweet friends, Nifty and Husband are coming here Friday to have a NYC vacation and dogsit! Jenny Egg and Kia will be thrilled to have them to snuggle. Even though Jenny Egg has been crawling into my suitcase all week, she's such a nervous Nellie... she gets all weird when the suitcases come out... Kia never seems to mind. LOL!  I won't take that personally!

Alright, no more procrastination, time to whip this place into shape!  I'm happy to leave my studio  in "ready to use" fashion for Nifty.    ;-) I hope they Enjoy NYC!!


  1. Wishing you a smooth trip, sounds like a great time will be had.

  2. Your trip is so much more exotic than mine but I'm sure we will both have fun! I'm procrastinating as well as I think of what I need to pack from the studio. Have fun and enjoy for both of us! I've always dreamed of a trip to Australia as well.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. hope the plane ride feels shorter than it really is. Can't wait to hear all about Australia!

  4. How fantastic... Australia and Material Obsession! I would emigrate to get to hang out with Kathy in that shop. Have a wonderful time teaching and exploring!

  5. You guys are seasoned travelers you'll do fine. It's just long no matter which way you fly.
    Weather forcast is perfect. Can't wait getting very excited*#*#!!!!!!

  6. I can't wait to see you Friday week! Safe travels.

  7. Be sure to tell us ALL about your trip. Always wanted to go there too. Is your family going with you?

  8. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Have fun1 My brother is in AU right now touring with "The Boss". I wish I was there! I have alway wanted to go to AU. P.S. If you ever need a dogsitter/housesitter again I would be happy to spend time in NYC!

  9. Have a wonderful trip!


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