Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quickie!

GASP! I need a quilt quick!!! What do I do? Watch the video to find out!

     Using my Accuquilt Go cutter for the giant hexagons, I pieced this quilt very quickly, used up some Fairfield Wool batting, grabbed some fabulous Jennifer Paganelli for the backing.... Swirly quilted it, machine binded, and washed... Done. Two hours.

Now I have my giftie ready for the new baby! I can't wait to hand it over to the happy couple tuesday in Sydney!

Stop back after 9am for the winner of LYRIC's book!

What will you be working on today?

THE WINNER OF LYRIC'S BOOK! CONGRATS!!!  Email me your address asap, and I will get is shipped off before I leave! Yipppeee!!!

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  1. I will be at work today, but if I have time this evening I will be trimming and binding a project for a blog hop.

  2. That's fantastic! So fast but it looks like days and weeks gave gone into it. What will I be working on tomorrow? ( it's bedtime here) well hopefully I'll be up for some scrappy trip around the world action.

  3. Will be working on my color challenge top. Love the hexie quilt, don't know about others but I couldn't open your video. :( Happy trails to you!

  4. Nothing.No time to sew today but if I can I will sew some dear Jane blocks.

  5. Baby quilt is adorable, love it. You were so cute and funny in your video today, had me lol,my hubby stopped to watch a few minutes, which he never does. Heard a chuckle from him too.

    : )

  6. working on a Bargello quilt with lots of Kaffe fabrics. It's wild.

  7. What I love most about the video posts are: You totally do things that are sooooo normal person. Case in point dog kisses, then acknowledging dog's sadness at being shushed away, and making your hair into a faux hawk to prove you need your hair done. :) You crack me up!

  8. Hi Victoria
    Baby quilts are my favorite! Love the hexie's , have never tried them---will give it a shot! Love how those delicious colors appear to be floating! Yesterday I mailed you a simple but very sweet baby quilt for St. Luke's----used this nifty fabric that had a vintage feeling ---like 1950's! Yep, I really do love vintage! Hope you like it, and most importantly I hope in some small way it helps to spread some love,warmth, and comfort!
    Today, I would like to,work on yet another charity quilt for babies in other parts of the world such as Africa--- needing some love and warmth!

  9. oops almost forgot---Kia is the cutest! nothing better then a sewing partner pet! Kia reminds me of my little dashie (dashound) Daisy---my lovable, sewing side kick who requires nothing more then my love! Love and kisses to both Kia and Jenny Egg!

  10. I'll be working on data entry and a 50 question report for the Dept of Homeland Security. Fun, right? Ahh, but tonight, I shall be working on a customer quilt that is going to be amazing, and as usual, will get some hand quilting in before bedtime. What a cute baby gift, I'm working on a big pink star for a new little girl.

  11. Two hours?! Wow, now that is some seriously fast sewing! I am impressed! The quilt turned out so cute and I am sure Mom and baby will love it.

  12. Fabulous baby quilt! Again, could I share it on The Hexie Blog? (

  13. Wow you and I are on the same wave length. Got my hair cut yesterday. Sewed the binding on 15min block of the month(by machine)And I'm thinking about packing for the Thurs & Fri. Gosh you'd think i was going to Sydney.

    The hexagon quilt is the bees knees.

  14. It's so much fun to see you live - the baby quilt is perfect.

  15. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!
    Have a wonderful trip! She will love and use and love that quilt.

  16. I STILL can't BELIEVE you made us a quilt!!!!!!!! It is so so very treasured beautiful Victoria! I absolutely LOVE it and KNOW the baby will adore being cuddled in its yummy hexagons!!!(and dror loves it too by the way, which I can tell you is pretty miraculous, he's very honest :)

    It was so SOOOO nice to see you! NOT ENOUGH!!! I wanted more! Bummed I missed your email on saturday, but at the same time delighted to have spent such lovely time with you & Beatrice. It was an absolute pleasure and joy to have you guys here in Sydney and the whole city will miss you terribly.

    BIG BIG HUGS & safe travels too!!!!!!

    (dror & baby)


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