Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi All!
I'm outta here!
Off to Austin to see some QUILTS!
I thought I'd give you a peak at a few quilts I made for companies for QuiltCon.
The one above is "Modern Views" using Luara Gunn's new line by Michael Miller Fabrics, and will be with the Madrona Road challenge quilts.  I LOVE these fabrics, great Subtle prints, and textures!

And also below is with Michael Miller's new MAZE line of fabrics along with Cotton Couture red and aqua... this will be hanging perhaps in their booth. I'm not sure where yet!

Below is a quilt that will be in the Simplicity/EZ quilting booth. I used their Crazy patch template and NEWCASTLE FABRICS, "Margo's Shirtings"... Yes, the company I have fabrics coming out with this year! Swing by their new website! Looks great!

Of course this "Quilters PLAY Manhattan" quilt will be in the Quilt Alliance booth! This quilt will be auctioned off sometime this year, so maybe you will take it home! Hey! ya never know!

I also have two quilts in the judged SHOW... No pics of those to show you yet, But, I can't wait to see them hanging!

In the mean time... I was playing around on imakeface app, and well... I made me.. What do you think? kind of funny huh? I know, a good waste of creative time!

oh well, I kind of had fun on the one below... LOL!

Later gators!

And thank you for your help on the Anvil Blocks. I'm away next week again, so I have a tiny window of time to get that quilt made....

More later, From AUSTIN!


  1. Have a FANTASTIC time at QuiltCon! Please take lots of pics so those of us unable to attend can feel even more envious!

  2. Safe trip! Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. I'm so happy for you - can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I love how the Laura Gunn quilt is a big V made by my friend V! :) Rock it at QuiltCon. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your other quilts.

  5. Love Modern Views! - and all of your other quilts too :)
    Have a great time at Quiltcon -
    Wish we could all come and join the party!

  6. Have a great time, looking forward to seeing the pictures and your mystery quilts.

  7. Congratulation - six quilts at QuitlCon! Have a great time! The first quilt sure is different for you! I am mailing my anvil blocks - I made four - today so they should be in your mailbox when you get home. Use one or all - whatever works.

  8. Love all those quilts,have a fantastic time at Quilt Con!

    Good job with the imakeface app. Cute.

  9. Woohoo! Have a fab time and congrats on that big win there!

  10. Hi Victoria
    your quilts look fabulous! I love the crazy quilt with those shirting fabrics. It must be so exciting to have a new fabric line coming out with new castle fabrics--best of luck with that. Your self portrait is very adorable ---really resembles you. A waste of time? No way---just consider it part of your 15 minutes of play---hey maybe turni it into a quilt?
    Have a great time at QuiltCon. It appears to be a Quilters dream event! Would love to attend one day. best of luck with your juried quilts----even without seeing them, I'm sure they are beautiful. Thanks again for all the quilting,sewing,and creative inspiration ,and for your genuine kindness!!


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