Friday, February 15, 2013

A Lotta Mikshake

"A lotta Milkshake" quilt,  50" X 54"

I was on a mission today to get this baby quilt done. It was basted and ready to rock, so under the needle it went... ( flower fabrics, Lotta Jansdotter GLIMMA)

I added some nice big easy swirls to keep it SOFT.... did some easy straight line quilting over the key border, put on the binding by machine, and licktey split, it was in the wash, and dried....I did not BLOCK this quilt... I have hopes of it being spit and drooled on, and didn't sweat the small stuff on this one... I let the dryer dray up the quilting!

 Look how snugly it looks lying in the sunshine!!!

 It's so cuddly I want to curl up in it...  

Here's the funky Tina Givens backing I put on it to bring all the funky colors together...
Now why am I craving a milkshake after looking at this quilt?

What do you think? good for a quirky NYC baby?
 ;-) I think so!

....Off to Long Island...


  1. It looks so soft and cuddly. It's perfect for any baby.

  2. Wow! I kept say, "I sure like that" to each image...and then when I saw the backing I fell completely in love! What a fantastic quilt!

  3. Great quilt. Perfect for a NYC baby. And--good thing you didn't want to go to LI last weekend. Hope your driveway is all plowed.

  4. This quilt is wonderful! Why have I never wahed and ride my baby quilts before gifting? I will now! Have a great weekend! E

  5. What a sweet gift, I know it will be treasured.

  6. gosh, now I want a MILKSHAKE!!! It's yummy, and I am just amazed at your quilting on your domestic machine!! Have a super week end!

  7. Wow, that turned out really great!
    Do you usually wash the quilts before you give them as gifts? I have not washed them first in the past, but have been thinking it is a really good idea, to save the recipient the surprise of having it turn out "different" once they wash it...

  8. Dare I say it? Your Milkshake brings all the babes to the yard!

    Love the soft, but not juvenile, color scheme. And yes, it does look nice and snuggly for that baby. :-)

  9. It looks so soft and cuddy. If it were for my baby I'd love it and I'm a country girl. This shows how I need to loosen up and stop worrying about how the quilting looks. You do such a great job, but it doesn't require the quilted to death look. Just get it quilted, wash and all will be well

  10. Just enough black for a NYC baby!

  11. Hi V,
    Love this quilt! Could I share it on The Hexie Blog ( Thanks so much!

  12. Hi Victoria
    Love,love,love, this quilt! Baby quilts are my joy! It has all the right ingredients--wonderful colors, great design ,retro flair with an updated fresh appeal. To me that's the perfect "modern" quilt!
    Yep, as usual you nailed it, and as usual you continue to inspire me ---especially with this baby quilt--- NYC baby or country infant---ya gotta love this! Have a great weekend!
    As always,
    Happy stitchin'

  13. Love the baby quilt! Especially the quilting -- brings it to life, also how you handled the hexie quilting, it looks great. Baby quilts are my favorite to make.

  14. It's lovely, fabulous quilting!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. It's lovely, quilting is fab too!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  16. What a pretty baby quilt! I do like the big swirls! FYI - my iron is working better thanks to your tips!


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