Thursday, January 3, 2013

Virtual sewing...

New Years, new EYES!
A bit about my Virtual Sketchbook....

I dug out my Matisse blocks from last year...sometimes they just need time to "age" before the idea pops!  I decided I wanted to make it a collage style quilt, using the, three free pieced blocks, and Iwill also do a few machine applique blocks with Matisse standard images... I like the coral/leaf  like shapes...
Now to PLAY out some possibilities....

As I am out of many of my solids, while I wait for my delivery of new solids, I plugged in some ideas into photo shop where I can virtually change, add, and draw in elements that might help me decide where I am going with this quilt.

I like the big simple borders, but I may quilt in some designs by hand.... The empty space gives me time to really think how can I play up my machine quilting to make it a part of the quilt and not just a overall design...


The flower design  might be fun to include around in the borders... I can even see embroidering the face in the borders! HMM! Ideas!

Or just good standard LEAVES with berries might be fun... and really go to town on the quilting...
or maybe some spliced in crazy swirly white lines....and dots....  fun, but....


Then,  This image really caught my eye... A way to bring it all full circle.
Light bulb moment!

I like the play on the letters using my initials  (V.F.W.) Victoria Findlay Wolfe... I like the guy dancing into the image, and the star bursts...

Now, will it actually look like this when I finish?
Not sure, but my "virtual sketchbook", is so easy to play out all the options...
and saves me loads of cut fabric!


  1. Looks like Photoshop is the perfect playmate, I enjoyed following your process! It's going to be a fabulous quilt!

  2. Gorgeous - I love where you are headed because I know you will stretch us and bring us there too.
    It is easy to see your 'art' background coming out.

  3. Not sure how you do all that but it's so cool to watch you create.

  4. Some great looking images there. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. Fun to watch the process - didn't end how I expected - thought you might explode the center composition - but I love the "guy" running through, reminds me of streakers in the 70s, do you remember that? lol - happy new year!

  6. I've never used Photoshop but it looks like you get good use out of it. I'm sure you'll find what you want to finish this project.

  7. Wow! Love all the versions but that last one with the guy on the side is really fabulous! It's funny but when I saw your initials, I thought it said NEW!

  8. Fun! I'll look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

  9. I'm loving this, can't wait to see it!

  10. I am going to LOVE this quilt. Matisse is my favorite artist and watching you play with his concepts is pure joy. Thanks for sharing. PS I got your book as a Christmas gift. Yehaw!!!

  11. Very nice your Matisse. It reminds me right away what He said once about painting..Matisse "When I paint , it is my prayer to God" !

  12. The blocks look great; I think I need to get Photoshop.

  13. Love how the Matisse piece is shaping up! Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are wonderful tools for improv/intuitive design play... so much so that I've never learned to use the EQ7 quilt software purchased several years ago.

  14. I love seeing your process in the photos. Thia definitely tops the list of quilts I love of yours. Wowsers!

  15. I love that "light bulb" moment. I call it my moment of resonance. When it feels right and wonderful, when I have created something that is pure me. Thanks for sharing your technique so well and happy sewing.

  16. When I was at college we had to make endless samples with painted paper - how amazing to be able to do it this way. I love all your samples except for the last one - the man is a good idea but I think he distracts from the fabulous centre. Do you have a tablet to "paint" with as it can be difficult using a mouse?


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