Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trying something new.


Hi All!
Yes, I'm trying something new. This may be very dorky, or it may save me some time!  
Planning on dorky, and hoping for "saving me time!" LOL!

Hoping once a week for a "video drop in" to say hi, and share what I'm up to.
I really am a horrible typist... I'm hoping this works.

What do you think? 

Don't you just love this baby girl?? Melted me... Look at that smile!!
She received a nice flannel quilt from one of you fabulous peeps!

Also, pop over the QUILT ALLIANCE BLOG for a post I did on Making time for Creativity!


  1. Beautiful baby beautiful mama too.

    Okay is it cold in your place? What happen to all that steam heat?

    I'll be checking in on you :0)

    Happy Sewing

  2. Oh I should of listen to the video first......sorry it's cold Victoria!
    Nicely done on the video, just like talking to you :0).
    Oh the silks are beautiful, have fun with that project I'll be watching for a finish there.

    Back to packing for me,

  3. Not dorky at all...I Love the video! I also liked seeing the patchwork in your hand, in movtion...because it made them look a little different to me that way. Keep it up! ♥

  4. Not dorky at all. I think it's a great "once a week" kind of post. I can't watch this at work, so I will still look for the written word!

  5. I agree - not dorky at all! It was fun to see you in action. Those siks are gorgeous!

    I'm finishing up a QuiltCon charity quilt for my guild. Once that's done, I'm going to work on my Tea Towel project. Can't wait!

  6. Victoria, first I enjoyed the vid. and second a comment regarding the silk kimono fabrics. I have a friend who had gotten her hands on the "cut offs" of the silk from the Jerry Garcia neck ties and used them for quilts. Her method was to crazy piece them onto a foundation of muslin, sometimes long panels of foundation, sometimes large squares that she would then arrange to her liking. They are stunning and totally improvisational.

  7. Nice to have a pre visit voice check LOL.. It's interesting to see and hear the animation which is always in your blog. Like them both.

  8. Not dorky, but fun to see you and put a voice with you for those of us who have not met in person.
    Who would just not love that baby!!
    Those silks are beautiful, but wondering how they hold up, didn't they used to break down badly? Keep warm!! Thanks for sharing your studio!!

  9. sweet baby. those cheekies... pure sugar! LOVE the video. It
    s Bumblebeans TV! :-)

  10. I liked's also faster than reading it!

  11. you do look chilly - hope your heat will be working soon - I remember years ago having an apartment with steam heat - it was weird - one side of the apartment (2 rooms) were hot the other side (2 rooms) were cold - didn't like that at all!

  12. So fun to see you and hear your voice...and what a gorgeous baby photo that!

  13. I have to say... I was watching your video and kept thinking to myself "why is she all bundled up, it is usually HOT in your apartment?" and then of course you explained... LOL! I am going to sooooo miss you this weekend at the meeting. I have my first class at my studio this weekend! Congrats to all those people who received quilts!! Fantastic! Great video too!

  14. The video was not dorky! It was great. Love getting to see what you are doing. Hope you do more videos. Sweet baby picture...what fun it must be so distribute those quilts.

  15. waving hello!!!! love the silk panels... can't wait to see what you do! And you should be thanked for doing all the community work, I'm happy to be able to help!

  16. Loved the video. Even more of your personality came through. Can't wait to see how you put the silks together.

  17. Video is totally not dorky! I have thought of doing that frequently but have never gotten up the nerve. Good for you for doing it. Can't wait to see what you do with the kimono fabric! Stay warm!

  18. I loved the video, it's so much more personal. I hope you continue to communicate that way.
    Projects on the go at the moment is playing with my new Handiquilter longarm that got delivered a few days ago ! I have 14 tops to do and hopefully by the time I finish them I have improved my skills.
    Hugs from Australia

  19. Great video! I JUST finished my king sized quilt that I started in 2011. I was going to try to get out and photograph it today but it was raining. I hope I can have good weather and helpers around soon so I can get pics of it all done. Thanks for all your inspiration...reading here about your red and green crosses quilt was a huge help in making me feel like I could quilt this quilt on my own, and I did it! I even got a sketchbook and practiced drawing feathers, I can't remember if I emailed you about that or if I just read about it on your blog.

    Thanks again for all the great ideas and for sharing them with us!

  20. Do keep the videos coming, I enjoyed watching it! Hope they crank up the heat in your apartement soon!

  21. What a cute little baby! I loved listening to your video it was like meeting you in person!! Much more interesting that just reading. Linda

  22. I think the video clip was great. And, I loved the silk pieces you're using in your next quilt. Can't wait to see it made up!

  23. I love your video visit. More, please!!!!

  24. What a great wait to actually "meet" you. Please do more of them.

  25. It was not dorky - it was great. Your commitment is so inspirational - glad you keep those needs in front of us. Have a great day.

  26. Love the video, you are perfect on camera. Have you ever had acting experience or is this natural? Beautiful elocution and body expression. Very good, enjoyed it fully.

  27. Enjoyed listening on your video! You are an inspiration in so many ways. Have fun with those gorgeous kimono silks. I have a few small pieces in my stash, too. They are completely irresistible...
    ; )

  28. I love your video message! Nice to hear your voice, since I've never met you, and feel even more of your enthusiasm than written words can capture. It was very dark around the edges...don't know if there's anything you can do about looking at you through a special effects lens. And yes!!! Please do more of these. I love seeing what you're working on and hearing your thoughts. You're my quilting guru...

  29. Hi Victoria
    video not dorky at all, I loved it. As usual you inspire me.
    Beautiful picture,beautiful quilter as well! I will continue to follow ---when you are ready for more quilts----I will send one!
    Your silk quilt in the making is so beautiful. Like you, I collect silk and old kimono cut ups--- I'm always afraid to start cutting them up, so I usually take them out,admire them,and put them back on the shelf! Maybe I will get inspired after watching what develops with yours, I know whatever you will create will be gorgeous!
    As, for me I am working on several projects at once(sound familiar).-------most exciting for me is I am following a lifelong dream----starting my own little business---Yeh! I recently started selling my wares---quilts and related Art work at various shows --- did pretty and ventured onto opening up a shop on etsy---- check it out on shop name is reneesews.
    I just have a few baby quilts (one of my favorite type of quilts to make)---listed, however will be listing lots more. I'm working on a "Modern" baby quilt with asymmetrical borders,solids, and wonderful bright pink and red prints,,,
    Such a happy quilt,can't wait to finish it, list it on my shop! So glad I found this wonderful world of creating and textiles!
    happy stitchin'

  30. Great idea to video chat with us!

    Working on my Kitchen Sink quilt. Can't stop until it's done because it's made a horrible, awful, fabulous mess and nothing else can happen in the studio until the top is finished and the mess cleaned up.

  31. Hi V - Lovely video. Sorry it's cold there. It's cold in CT too~
    I love the video because you're so authentic and it's nice to see that you talk the way you write!
    I have many projects in the works right now -
    sewing room drapes
    moving my sewing room to another (larger) room
    a Bonnie Hunter quilt
    a checkerboard with 2.5" squares
    a postage stamp quilt (always)
    a quilt for our associate minister
    a patriotic table runner for a friend
    lots of stuff in the works

  32. Loved your video; i watch knitting video blogs most days; I hope you start a trend for sewing v-blogs.
    Read a couple of your posts, will catch them up here.
    Congrats on 23 years, and thanks for sharing. I always think of recovery as a " it takes a village" kind of thing, so best to you & your community(ies)
    Love your colors!
    So much hope in your photos, those who gifted so many quilts, the people and organizations who helped distribute them and in those faces... All those faces of the recipients!
    The young boy's face reminds me of a young one i met while canvasing prior to 2008 election. A boy looked up at me in wonder a said "do you know Barack Obama?" That child is coming of age in a world in which someone who looks like him can become pur nation's president... Twice! Regardless of one's politics, that is powerful and hopeful.
    What I'm working on? Knitting: Wool mittens for Christmas 2013 and wool socks. Sewing: redwork tea towels, 4th of July picnic quilt, large lap quilt to be basted this Saturday, queen sized quilt for my son's oldest.
    Today my Quiltmaker magazine arrived with your wonderous quilt on the front and your article. Love it. Also love your book and have been following your guidance & making fabric. Congrats & thanks!

  33. I love, love, love the video! I get to hear your voice and enthusiasm! It is great!!!!! The silks are beautiful! I have some silk that my dad brought back from China - he was over there for work. I did make a couple of blouses, but now after seeing your kitchen sink silk pieces and parts I am thinking they would look great in a quilt. I have a fuschia print blouce, a yellow print blouce, an olive gold print blouce my mom made, then I have some yardage of a colbalt blue print. Then there is a box of dupioni scraps from a place I use to work. Hum? Sounds like I might have enough. Oh, well, right now I am still working on the house piecing it back together and dooling possible border rounds for my tea towel medallion quilt.

  34. Nice to hear your voice V
    LOVE SILVER SILK, me want


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