Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quilts & Coats

Yesterday I was up in the Bronx delivering Quilts & Coats to the Women's rehab center I visited last year. A new group of women and their kids all in one place. 
All. in. one. place. together.
 while the moms get clean and sober.

Love this stuff! 
You may recall my visit last year to this center, see old post here.

A couple of the women were still in the program, and the kids were thriving. Many new faces, and many new babies received coats, baby snowsuits, and quilts... The babies were just to much for me... 
This sweet girl below, was all smiles, and had me by the finger! Sweet!

(like my rooster tail?? LOL! my hair is sticking up!)

This sweetheart next to me, 10 years old, I met her last year with her mom. She came up to me and asked, "How does it feel to get these quilts from strangers from all over the world, and then come give them to us?"
I said, "It's the best thing ever, it warms my heart that people take the time to make it, and send it.   So it's my job to make sure they go to sweet girls like herself, who ask great questions like that!" 

"Someone helped me once," (23 years in recovery thank you very much) I said, "and I learned that I had to pass that help on to others. Maybe one day you would do the same, when you grow up." 
She said, yes, she thought she would.
I nearly burst into tears right there, but before I could, she threw her arms around me, and gave me three big, HUGE, hugs.

I rcvd so many hugs and many more thank you's today... If I ever meet all of you who sent in quilts over the past two years, I owe ya a BIG FAT HUG and a Thank you!!


So watch out. A hug may be coming your way!

ALL the pictures from yesterday are at the flickr page. Click here.

For  the moment, We ( have stopped gathering quilts.
We're focusing on delivering what we have. We've delivered the goal of  
700 quilts for Acacia Network, 
and the 1,500 Hurricane Sandy quilts. 
We have some put aside for a couple other programs within the Acacia Network. The org has picked up another new facility, for families dealing with mental illness, and continues to bring in more families through their transitional housing program. All of their programs, are based on getting families out of shelters.

I am, also, working on a couple other projects right now, so hang tight... 
To do list: update website, organize a few other events, get details worked out for other "calls for help"

When I have another need for quilts, You'll be the first to know!

Stay tuned.

We should also have a clip from NEWS12 shortly, as they interviewed us and covered the event. I knew I must have done something right when the Bronx Press newsman, came up at the end and hugged me. He said he was so thankful he got to cover today's event, and that we were all doing a  very special and good thing.

Yes, I have to agree.

We are all doing a good thing!


  1. You are soooo awesome! I'm a blog lurker who seldom comments (except to Kathy @ MO) but I must acknowledge you for all of the contributions that you make to all of our communities. Thank you so much!

    ps - you also make the most amazing, fabulous quilts!

  2. You are soooo awesome! I'm a blog lurker who seldom comments (except to Kathy @ MO) but I must acknowledge you for all of the contributions that you make to all of our communities. Thank you so much!

    ps - you also make the most amazing, fabulous quilts!

  3. Giving gives so much satisfaction! To see the smiles on people's faces and know that you made someone happy.
    Congratulations for the work you are doing!

  4. You are an incredible, giving soul, Victoria and I am so happy that I found your blog. You're inspiring as anyone i have ever met and I hope some day to be as talented as you are and as generous.

  5. Oh my, tears running down my face after reading this post - you obviously "get it", we are here for each other. Bless you for all you do - and what great blessings you received that day too. :)

  6. My keyboard is wet, too. I think we could do a virtual group hug now!!!

  7. I'm with Helen, I need a hug after crying over those beautiful faces. They all look so happy to finally be heard and be given some tenderness, TLC and a simple quilt. Hopefully those children will grow up knowing there is good and kindness in the world. You've done a wonderful thing Victoria, and you've taught us one person really can make a difference.

    Big Hugs to you too.

  8. I admire you for all your efforts for those not so fortunate. Thank you on their behalf. And I love to see the look on their faces and each one receives his/her quilt.

  9. You're doing good work, Victoria. I suspect that's one reason success is coming to you. What goes round....

  10. Sending YOU a big hug for spreading such joy and love and healing!

  11. There is something so special about a hug...leaves an impression on the heart, forever! And I agree with others about finding your blog...I'm always inspired to sew, get creative, and give. Happy happy day to you!!!

  12. I almost didn't make it past the second picture of the Holly Hobby blanket. I had that same fabric growing up and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Then I read on where the little girl asked you about receiving the quilts to give away and the tears started. Thanks for doing what you do Victoria.

  13. Well done! Thank you for sharing the news. I loved hearing about it, and would be right there with you if I lived in NY.

  14. I was born in the Bronx. I love that you are taking the quilts up there to people who need them, and appreciate them. God Bless You.

  15. Thanks for sharing the event. We hand a box of quilts to the post master and usually don't see the end result. I'm so glad you shared this with everyone. United we can make a difference, one quilt at a time. Job well done, Vic, I just wish I was closer, I would have come and helped.
    Whoohoo to 23 years, and the lifetime ahead of you.

  16. I will gladly help as long as I am able.

  17. What a wonderful are such a blessing to this community!!

  18. Another great job go girl 23 years and sharing it with us...and role modeling the giving and what it is all about..Because it is what it is all about!! You should be sooo very proud of yourself.

  19. What a wonderful way of giving back! Marlynne

  20. You are such a sweetheart for all the work you do to make others lives a little easier.


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