Monday, January 21, 2013

Opposites Attract

Jenny Egg likes the quilt too!

Sometimes, cleaning out the scrap bin leads to an obsessive block making adventure!
How many different fabrics can I dig up? What colors can I put to together, how big can I go?
That is what happened last year when I put this block together for our Metro MOD guild Challenge.
After we made ours during our guild, I loved the scrappy look and set about making a king size one, for fun!
One always thinks it will make a dent in your scrap bins by doing this kind of quilt...
But I can safely say, "No, you don't,  But, I had fun trying!"

This month, the quilt is in Issue #59 of Quilters Companion. You can find this magazine from Australia usually at Barnes and Noble, or online at ZINIO.

I love the magazine. They always have great quilts in them, fun,modern, eclectic styles... They were kind to me, and did a nice article too!  Also mentioning that I will be in AU teaching in March at Materials Obsession.(Click for details)  
Time is flying by, and I can't wait!  

Kathy Doughty has had this quilt hanging in her shop for the past month or so. I will get to pick it up personally when I arrive there!  If you want to catch Kathy state side, she is teaching at Quilting by the lake this summer, along with many other great teachers. Myself and a bunch of pals are going up to sew in her "Fractured" class..  (another great SCRAP quilt!) How much fun is that going to be?
Don't know QBL? FUN place... pop over and see there class list...

Opposites Attract by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Quilted by Shelly Pagliai
(98!/2in x 101in)    
This quilt makes me crave summer...  ;-)  It's "Opposite day", right?
Must be, we had (a tiny amount of)  snow today!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Another winner. I love this quilt. Hugs

  2. It's such an awesome scrap quilt. My favorite kind of quilts! And you're right, they hardly make any dent at all in the stash, altho it seems like they would. All I end up with is smaller scraps!

  3. Fabulous quilt... Congrats again! I am so jealous, I have wanted to go to QBL for years and have never been able to make it there. This will be an awesome class for sure! Now I need to get a copy of this magazine.

  4. Nice! I'm going to try this one. You will LOVE sewing the 'Fractured' pattern. I made one for my niece's wedding. I used fabrics that mean something to HER and she absolutely loved it. KING SIZE of course! Have fun!

  5. The pictures of the quilt at home and hanging from the balcony make it even more special. Got the last copy at my local newsagents yesterday.
    Might try this one soon.

  6. Wish I could go to your class in AU....stowaway in one of your suitcases full of quilts perhaps? But I will be looking forward to our summer fun at QBL instead!

  7. Loved this block, V, when we made it in dark/light fabrics for MetroMod ... think you've made another beautiful quilt here ... also like Shelly's clamshell quilting!

  8. Ahhhhhh look at Jenny cute.
    Congrats on yet another great article, you'll be a huge hit in OZ, how exciting for you. Continued success to you Victoria!

    Happy Sewing

  9. I've just bought this magazine and will settle in for a read and a cuppa this morning in our Summer sunshine! Enjoy your snow.

  10. I've just bought this magazine and will settle in for a read and a cuppa this morning in our Summer sunshine! Enjoy your snow.

  11. Another magazine!! wow, you have been busy. I'll have to look for it next weekend. This is a great scrap quilt

  12. I like the clamshell quilting.
    I'm working on a Bonnie Hunter bargello design and just maybe that is how I will quilt it!


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