Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One more thing...

Last minute decisions... 
I decided that the Santa Kitchen Sink quilt needed big scrappy borders, as it was not KING size... 
I know, I know... But I wasn't loving the size it finished at... I didn't MEAN to make it KING, but with borders on three sides it makes it a perfect fit! I also used up a load more of my Christmas fabric! Gotta love that!

I actually had some nice green and red prints to make a pieced back for it too! So there goes another 9 yards of fabric out of my stash! Double YAY!!

I made a big "holly print"square center, and bordered it with the Basic grey, green/red with hearts all around... I think it will give it a nice clean finish on the back side.

One last touch, I added the year on a pop of BLUE in the lower right hand corner.
Even better, I found this Great stripe for binding!  Now it's Good to go! Shipping off for quilting...

Feels good to use up so much fabric!

Hmmm, now what else can I get done and out of here...

Perhaps the elephants are next!


  1. Such a great quilt. I have never made one that big. I don't think I have the floor area in the whole house unless maybe I move the dining room table out (hmmm, maybe a good idea).

  2. Oh, I love it even better with the border! Yay!!!

  3. A fabulous finish. The borders look great.

  4. The border was the perfect finish. I don't think I'll ever tackle a king size quilt. Daunting!

  5. Olá,fiquei trite agora pela manhã,o correio me devolveu os blocos para esta colcha.Veio com vários carimbos que não deu para ler,mas um deles (parece que o último)da Argentina.Em cima do seu endereço...Me mande de novo que eu vou te enviar novamente e de outra forma.Peço desculpas PÚBLICAS aqui.Você faz uns travesseiros para acompanhar...que tal?Não gostaria de ficar fora dessa maravilha.Tenho uma sugestão para os elefantes...vamos fazer com aplicações e o arremate com este tecido aí...??? BeijoGRANDE

  6. This quilt just keeps getting better and better!!

  7. Ooooh, that stripey binding will be lovely and fun finishing touch.

    (my design wall now covered with kitchen sinkishness... wheeee!)

  8. Too funny: you and your king size... Well, now for elephants: it only can be king size or it wouldn't do their majestic size justice... just sayin' - in case you need an excuse.

  9. I quite like the addition of the borders!

  10. Oooh, I would be ever so happy to use up 9 yards of fabric too. It sure would make a dent in my stash. You're going to sleep so well under this come next December! I was going to say something about santas from all over the world and warmth but it just sounded nasty...


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