Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elephant love.

I  have been on a serious fabric diet.. I have NOT been buying fabric.


When Pat came up to visit, somehow we got chatting about Tina Givens line Pernilla's Journey line of fabric. I had not seen it, so I looked it up online and instantly fell for the sweet Elephants.

I'm not much of NOVELTY fabric kind of person, BUT...
If you put an elephant on it, Well, a cute elephant like this one above...I'm bound to rush our an buy it...

My "lovey" when I was a child was a HOT PINK elephant that I names Elliot. You may also call that my daughter has a lovely, named Humphrey, ( who has recovered nicely from his surgery by the way... ;-)  (see old posts here)




I've used up every bit of fabric...


Obviously, This means,
I need to go buy more fabric... Because, THIS....

Is not King size...
and it needs to be.  SO FUN!!!

End of story.


No more fabric buying after this...

I swear. ( OK, maybe not swear...)

P.S. Thanks PAT!
And you Tina Givens! 

;-) Seriously Love the elephants... and yes,
I remembered to ORDER THE ELEPHANTS this time around...

UPS man beware... I'm waiting!


  1. Haha, love the elephant fabric! I put myself on a fabric diet and for some reason fabric keeps following me home.

  2. Aaargh! Well, it will be there soon!!!
    Gorgeous elephants, beautifully drawn, and I love the moon face balloons also!
    I wanted to say also, I love that pattern you're using for this fast and fabulous, it looks great! Is that one you made up or an actual pattern or what? Great shapes and chunky enough to show off the fabrics but not clunky lol if you know what I mean. Looks goooood!

  3. Too funny!! I am another elephant would be right there in line with you to get some of this cute fabric!

  4. Great blocks! I like the effect when they all come together this way. Simple and elegant.

  5. Years ago, like in 2008, I bought the elephant blocks from the women in Sri Lanka who hand embroidered them. Finally, after all these years I had the guts to cut them up and put them into a quilt.

    I am getting it back from the long arm quilter, no way could I do it justice, on Tuesday next week.

    Stop in and see it, it will be incredible!

    glen: I love your elephants, glad you finally got them!

  6. I think you will need to cut out the elephant and applique them onto the brown spaces!

  7. LOL! This made me giggle! Love the elephants! I hope your fabric comes soon. :)

  8. I agree, the elephants are wonderful! So glad you got them second time around!

  9. I think using the elephant print around the outside of the quilt as a border would be awesome -a nice elephant parade all around the bed!

  10. Can't wait to see how you reconfigure the blocks to incorporate the elephants (Elliots?) and make it king size. Maybe your forgetting was a happy accident, giving your quilt a new look...happy sewing!

  11. You are amazing and continue to inspire me. The dark background is a perfect balance for the prints.

  12. I love elephants, too. My piano has plastic keys!

  13. Wow, seriously - you can't leave out the elephant print!! :D Really love the dynamics of that simple little block.

  14. Love the first photo of the elephants, they are so majestic. Are those birds in the water? Fab photo!
    Teehee about forgetting to get the elephant fabric!

  15. Flamingos in the background!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL in Africa!!!

  16. What beautiful creatures! I use to have a little wooden elephant when I was a kid. I don't remember where I got it or what happened to it. I noticed the flamingos on the lake - very cool! I have been really good this year and have not bought any fabric. Instead I have been buying drywall, window casing, paint, and other home improvement supplies. I would rather buy fabric.

  17. Elephants for the backing fabric, and yes to the applique idea!

    Fabric embargo in place here, too, until some room has been freed-up stash. So far so good, except I've more than compensated with impulsive yarn purchases.

    (wondered if those were flamingos... please make a flamingo quilt for us to admire! Flamingos are PINK, and we know you love pink!)

  18. I can't believe you FORGOT the elephants!!! LOVE this! Thank you for sharing on my blog's Show and Tell Link party today!

  19. It looks nothing like the swatch when it is cut up, but I like how it does look very much indeed.

  20. Pinky swear, right?
    I'm on a fabric diet as well. For myself, I've learned that fasting leads to bingeing. So, just a bit, to finish a project is NOT breaking your diet.
    So say I.

  21. You are so funny. Yes, this needs to be king size. They are elephants, after all. I love elephants, too. I have been trying to be on a fabric diet, but I'm about as successful with that as I am my food diet.


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