Thursday, January 24, 2013

Delivery of a Special Quilt.

Remember this quilt?
This was a special project I did, where I went to work with at risk teenagers  at 5 different school in the NYC area. Each teen worked on a square that represented to them "What is SAFE." 
It was very hard on the heart strings to hear some of the stories. Some were full of hope and some had a hard time thinking of anything or anyplace.  But we all had FUN working on the project together.

The kids got to draw, add fabric, do some hand sewing, and/or also learn a bit of embroidery to bring their block alive. It was a super loving and special, life enriching experience, and I loved every moment working on it.

I'm so excited...
This quilt will be given to it's new owners.    (It's a surprise!!!   I can't say yet!)

Let me just say they are an amazing couple who have put together a program that has helped many kids, empowering them to be leaders while providing a safe place for them to grow. How great is that?

The event was to happen exactly when the Sandy came ripping through NYC... It was delayed until tonight. 

Tomorrow, I hope to have some nice pictures of the quilt and who this quilt will live with... ;-)
Stay tuned!




  1. What a wonderful way to introduce quilting to the next generation and to have a tie in that makes it so meaningful to each person participating (including you!). This quilt definitely talks! As always, thanks for making the world a better place Victoria!

  2. Wow...that sure tugged at my heartstrings. I'd better grab a tissue for the next post!

  3. What a fabulous quilt! The new owners will be blown away especially with all the hands involved and the story behind the piece. I love the level of concentration with the girls making their blocks! It is alway fun to give a quilt to someone that is not expecting such a gift!

  4. Did anyone ever tell you how generous you are with your time and talent? And that you make the greatest quilts?

  5. Wonderful quilt, and heartwarming story. You go girl!

  6. Loved this post and love all that you do for others. You're fabulous!

  7. Gorgeous quilt! Can we see close up shots of the blocks? Looking forward hearing more about this one...

  8. You are so amazing and inspiring!

  9. So glad your at risk teens had a chance for some creativity and inspiration in their lives. I know the giftees of this quilt will cherish it forever!


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