Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sum, Sum Summer time!

I can safely say, I've made a BIG HAPPY mess in my clean studio. I've definitely settled into vacation mode. Now if it would just warm up a bit, I'd be able to shed a few payers of clothes!

Don't get me wrong, I love the hustle and bustle of NYC. I like knowing there are always people around, you're never alone in New York.
But here.
It's quiet.
And I need the break each year. I am a farm girl after all!

No garbage trucks, not horns honking, no walking the dogs!  Just open up the doors and your playing with them on the lawn, walking barefoot through the garden, or throwing open the sliding doors and sewing inside and outside at the same time.

Between breakfast at the beach, playing handball at the park, taking a quick dip in the pool when we had a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I run inside and sew a few more stars.
And let this quilt grow as organically as my garden outside. :-)

Boo and I are heading to Columbus, OH,  Wednesday night for the National Quilt show.  Well.... 
We are pit stopping at Hershey Park for a day, one has their priorities you know! You can't drag your 12 year old to a quilt show without having some fun along the way.  ROAD TRIP! Wahoo! Roller coasters are our favorite thing ever!

If any of you get to the Minnesota Quilt show, please take a photo of my quilt. Sorry to miss it! I'll be riding high on the roller coasters, rolling on down the road to Ohio. ;-)




  1. Hershey Park is our yearly stomp during the summer! You guys will LOVE, if you haven't been. Have fun at the show, but I wish you were here....

  2. Darn we are headed in opposite directions! Have a wonderful time, we'll be looking forward to some fun pictures.
    My road trip takes me due south!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  3. I smell chocolate in your future! (wink!). Enjoy NQA. If you go to the Modern Guild meet-up, tell the Cincy folks I say hello! they are a wonderful talented bunch!

  4. Am planning on the MN show this Friday a.m. Will watch for your contribution. Which quilt did you send??? Enjoy (I know you will) your road trip!!!! Doreen

  5. Oh my goodness, I just love how the quilt is coming along with those stars surrounding, fantabulous!

    : )

  6. These blocks with stars is fantastic! And so you. Have a fun trip!

  7. hershey park is fun! too bad your not going when the show is going on!!!! hmmm Ohio seems there is a big amusement part there too
    and the Toledo Zoo is always fun :)
    Your going to love the quilt show, its one I have wanted to go to for a long time


  8. What day will you and Boo be at show? I'll be there Thursday and would LOVE to meet with you two and say hi! Have followed you and your blogs for years , I know I'll be able to pick out your quilts from across the room, unless you've kept them a secret! I'm ready to get my hands on your book. Safe travels to you and Boo, hope our paths cross in Columbus.

  9. Oh oh oh I am loving that star border - and those pops of aqua/ocean blue are wonderful!

  10. Loving your "star garden" Have safe travels, fun at the park, eat lots of chocolate and I hope you see a ribbon on your quilt!

  11. Have fun! I think our guild's opportunity quilt is at that show. It's a mariner's compas with a large circle of FG around it. I think it's great you and Boo are sharing this.

  12. Wow! That Kids quilt is the greatest! It's bound to sprout a whole new generation of quilters...Yay!

  13. The picture of that cutting mat with all the colors of the scraps just makes my day. Enjoy the road trip. Looking forward to your blog posts from the quilt show.

  14. I was at the MN quilt show today and was pleasantly surprised to see one of your quilts in the show. Pictures on your blog are great but quilts seen in person are more wonderful! I did take a picture. Love your sense of design and colors.

  15. I had a busy week and no time to read blogs..........until tonight.....after I got home from the Minnesota Quilter's Show. I could have taken a picture. So sorry. Worse yet, I think I missed seeing your quilt. I tried to cover all the nooks and crannies with quilts but I know I missed some. And how I wish yours had not been one of them! :-(

  16. Those darker stars are turning into such a great border. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. Sounds just perfect!

  17. Just took my kids to Dorney Park in Allentown, PA yesterday on the spur of the moment - so much fun. Hershey Park was last year. A blast!


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