Saturday, June 9, 2012

All set up

Boy, was I exhausted yesterday... Loading everything into my car, then OUT again when I got here... I fell asleep at 9pm.  Feels so good to be out of the city for a spell. Even though we are hear nearly every weekend, it just isn't the same when you can stay for weeks instead of days at a time...

I had to totally reorganize my studio. My mother is coming for a month, starting next Sunday, and she said, "I'm ready for the sewing machine!"  So I had to make room for her in my space.  this above will be her space with a small design wall to work with. I'm looking forward to SEWING with my mother. Last year I taught her to paper piece, and she really enjoyed it. She was always more a seamstress then a quilter, so I have many new tricks I can share with her!

So both of my JUKI's are set up and ready to rumble! The Bernina is here too, if Boo decides to play along!  She did, by the way, make it to her last day of school!  So yes, i now have a 7th grader on my hands... wow...

Pardon me while I take a moment to ponder that... One more year and she is a teenager... sigh.

I face my BIG design wall... King size wall for KING size quilts!  But, I must stay focused and get two quilts done ASAP.  The Special KIDS quilt is Priority number one... I know what I  want to do now, so I am going around and making sure each of the kids blocks, "fabrics," that they attached, will stay in place... There will be some small fray on the raw edge blocks, not a lot. I like to keep the flavor of the kids design as it is... so I stitched very closely all around the edges a few times.

Here's a few of the blocks that kids made.  They could use markers, scrap fabrics, embroidery to make their blocks. Some obviously talented ones in the bunch!

The theme they had was WHAT IS SAFE, so many of them did, home, family, Music, books and  friends. Knowing that these kids came from hard backgrounds, I was very impressed at how they all dug down deep and took making their blocks seriously. It has been a really  fabulous experience, and I hope the kids will LOVE whatever it is this quilt will be when I am done with it.  And it's a great project to dive into NOW and finish.

I have some ideas what I want to do... But I need to start playing first because I will likely change my mind a few times... 

Any who. I am so happy to be in my house and in my home studio... I'm ready to play!

For the moment, though, I am going to just enjoy the grass between my toes...  Have a glorious weekend!


  1. nice sewing area. I know you will enjoy spending sewing time with your mom. My mom was a seamstress too! She used to make clothes for some of the ladies that lived in our little town. She also made wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses for several of the girls here too! She made quilts too. I have one she made back in 1945!
    I am planning to go to the big quilt show in Houston in November. Are you going to go to that one?

  2. I always loved my summers in amagansett, great place to relax and center yourself. I could never live in a city, need my space;)


  3. The space looks ready for a fun summer. Enjoy your Mom and Boo.
    You did very well to be unpacked so quickly. I'm still working at it but then again we did move house.
    The kids quilt is great. I made a few quilts with school children and they always suprise. I'm covinced it's a gift to them as well as us. Enjoy working on that one!!

  4. phew.....I'm tired just watching all you got done:0).

    have a great summer.....are you like me and don't wear shoes all summer long? Feels so good doesn't it?

    Happy sewing

  5. How fun for you and your mom. I know you will treasure the time.

  6. You're in for a fun time! Those blocks the kids made are AMAZING!!

  7. Those are some pretty wonderful blocks! Your studio away from home looks pretty amazing!

  8. Seeing those blocks just wrenches my heart. So much talent and love, waiting to be shared. What a wonderful project. PS I envy you the king sized design wall and love all the windows in your sewing room!

  9. It must be wonderful to feel the grass between your toes after all winter in the Big City. Ahhh....

    Great sewing space you have there! And it'll be so fun to sew with your Mom! Have a wonderful summer!

  10. So much fun! Enjoy the summer and sewing with your mom and daughter. Sewing with my mom is one of my favorite things to do!

  11. hauling it all out to the house.. what a job!!! you did a fabulous set up there... looks super good! I am just back for a about 10 days... got out of the car and watered my flowers.... we had no rain when i was gone!


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