Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweaty Palms

I know, I know, it's not Spring yet, But!
It's starting to look like it around here!
It's sunny, bright, and birds were sitting on my air conditioners chirping away this morning!
I finished up this bright abstract so I could hang it up. 
It just radiates SPRING with those saturated colors!

I made up another MINI quilt in YELLOW  to go in the mail today,
based on the RED AAQI quilt I made last week. These little quilts are so much 
fun to make and stitch on.
 Someone will find the YELLOW one in their mail box, along with a big fat hug...

Now this post is really coming up flowers, so SPRING BREAK must be nearly here.
I can mumble those words, but I'm still not  able to speak the words clearly...
My hands are sweaty.

Annie guessed it... We're going on a DISNEY  _ _ _ _ _.
I won't dare say the words...

Now, before you all start peppering me with emails, saying how 
much FUN I'm going to have...
 Let me give you some back story...
I'm pretty adventurous, I like speed. ( cars, motorcycles...) 
I don't mind heights, as long as your not dangling me over a tall building...

I don't mind LAKE water... I can see the other side, 
I drive my little boat around our lake...no problem...

I hate big water. Ocean, seas, rivers... I'll be on the sand, thank you.
I hated the movie Titanic. (And hate even more that it's coming out AGAIN!)

I get very car sick, I drive everywhere.... 
I can't go in aquariums, all the fish swimming this way and that, makes me sick... 
Home videos?  All shaky? Make me sick...

 and just the thought of being on a ship
 makes me start to get dizzy. 

I SWORE I'd never go on a _ _ _ _ _ _.

 In fact, my hubby has agreed with me and after 17 years together, we NEVER have.

When friends of ours went, they convinced my hubby,
 it will be good for our daughter, where she can have some independence, 
and we could have some  lazy time.
Hubby said, "YES! let's do it!" My daughter said, "YIPPEEE! Can't wait!"
I said, my face turning white and not wanting to be a buzz kill.

Don't tell me a thing about it.
The only thing I want to know is when our flight is and when we come home.
I don't know where we are going. I don't know the stops or ports... Nothing."

The first thing I did was make an apt with my doctor to see if
 there is something better then Dramamine that I can take!
( I have the wristbands...several)

I had to gather up my summer clothes this past weekend, 
as I leave all that stuff at my house...
( I had to weed through all those old swimsuits, 
no one, not even my dogs should see...)

 We still have about 10 days to go...

My keyboard is all sweaty now...

OK.  Now you can tell me how much fun we're going to have, 
and that our ship won't turn over, and that the food will be good, 
and my kid will have fun...

( Help!)


  1. Love the quilts! Very springy and it can 't come fast enough especially since I am in the AZ sun. I won't give you a lecture on the Disney Cruise, we have had that discussion already. I will be thinking of you TONS though!!

  2. Ha, I knew it! I'm the same way, that's why the vibe came right through the computer. Hate, hate, hate large bodies of water and get seasick too. My dh spent his working life on the ocean, now retired and doesn't pressure me about taking cruises or boat trips of any kind, thank God.
    Have to laugh, I disliked the movie Titanic too.

  3. I can't believe it! Finally, someone who feels the way I do about Titanic and big water! I'm sure you'll have a great time. Don't think about it too much.

    I love your bright slice of springtime! Even though we've had a mild winter, I'm still ready for spring.


  4. I'm sorry...I know I shouldn't be laughing and all....but I am! :) You wrote that so well that I really do sympathize with you for getting to go on vacation. ??? :)

    I hope it's a delightful trip that you look back on with great memories....cruising can be really fun!

  5. I understand fears...body shaking fears. Who knows... you might surprise yourself!

    I think it's great that you chose a vacation to offer your daughter some independence.

    I say the cure for sea-sickness is time spent in the spa -- massage, facial, body wrap....

  6. Love the quilt.....it's a blast of spring colors! Yay!

    And you're a foodie.....so you will LOVE your ------! Plus, the entertainment is really high caliber, not cheesy, as I expected. (I had visions of 80's Love Boat lounge singers! Eek!.... Nope.....it's awesome now!) You will feel SO pampered......don't forget to get several spa treatments, too! As far as the water goes, don't look at it until you get to port.....where it's the bluest blue and gorgeous! It will be one big color inspiration-fest for quilting, too! You should bring some fabric to play with! :o)

  7. Growing up in the Midwest, far from any ocean, I can truly empathize. But I did learn to love cruising, eating those fourteen meals a day... and meeting new people from everywhere....and getting a wonderful massage. Bon Voyage, V!!!

  8. I have balance issues related to vestibular neuronitis and motion sickness can be a problem, but there are tips out there to minimize problems. Look them up. I know 3 off the top of my head - look at the horizon, not the water in close. Never eat large meals. And book your room where the boat moves the least. Most cruise related sites will tell you that I think. If I can cruise and enjoy it, so can you. Love your cruise, I have thoroughly enjoyed 2.

  9. I hope it will turn out to be a wonderful and relaxing time for you and your family. We will wish for calm waters and smooth sailing.

    Are you coming to AL this spring? I'd love to meet up with you if you are.

  10. Boy, I feel for you on that one. I have a policy that I don't go out farther than I can swim in. Also I'm not a fan of crowds. However...I hear the food on those cruises is spectacular, so maybe if you get good drugs, take some good reads, and eat a lot of good stuff, it will be fun!

  11. Love the spring quilts. Your lilies are bright harbingers for spring!

    I've only done land Disney not the ------ version but you are a strong and adventurous woman so I know you can get through this, especially with hubby and your daughter by your side!

    Go forth and get your ------ on (even if it be the thing that dare not speak its name)!! P.S. You're not leaving from the NY ports?

  12. Sounds like you'll get a lot of quilting done with all that anx running through! I know you'll be fine on the @#$%! And you'll come back all tan, and we'll all wish we could've been there with you.

  13. Clever you making the _ _ _ _ _ _ sound awful so we all won't be jealous. I would love to go on one but my hubby is the one who can't think of much worse than being trapped on a boat on the ocean. So, we don't go. Gee, I've been a wonderfully accommodating wife for all these years. He should take me to Miami so I can at least watch the _ _ _ _ _ _ ships.

  14. I went on a _____ once and the weather was not good. As long as my feet were not on the floor I could handle the motion. I know it sounds weird, but that is how I got thru it. Yes, I spent a lot of time laying down or at least with my feet on a sofa at the same level as my hips. I really hope you do have fun.

  15. Oh Sweetie I'm sorry to hear this....I see you are not alone by the other comments.

    Want me to go in your place, you can come stay here and cook for my DH. Will that help?

    the things we do for our kids......honestly. Your daughter will thank you.

    Happy Sewing

  16. Fears are real - I'll be thinking of you! Bring some stitchery/hand quilting along, it is a great conversation starter!

  17. Don't think about the bad reaction, think about the positives. Think about your daughter having fun, and a new way to enjoy life.... maybe that'll work. (It won't last forever.)

  18. Beautiful quilt... My most sincere condolences on your imminent ------. The great thing about life is that the things we dread are rarely as awful as we anticipate. You may become a convert! Take lots of books, sketch pads and sewing projects. We'll all be sending you lots of telepathic good wishes...

  19. I would be worried by a cruise too! I'm seasick and travel sick too! I empathise with you!

  20. Victoria...I can certainly understand your apprehension because I too suffer extreme motion sickness. I can't even watch a movie if there is too much movement or fast forwarding! However, I admire your courage and your willingness to 'face your fears and do it anyway!' Have fun! PS Your spring wall hanging is absolutely delightful!

  21. I love your quilts and you will love your cruise. Have fun!

  22. I feel for you, but hope it will all work out and you will enjoy yourself!
    Never done a cruise, but the only thing that worked for me on several real bumpy ferry rides (while everybody around me was getting greenish) was: Look at the Horizon; fixate your eyes on it, preferable outside not from a cabin/ indoors, so you have fresh air to breath. I usually have a lemon/ lime with me to smell on and some people swear on fresh parsley.
    Did I mention horizon is your friend??? You can do it!
    Love your spring quilts! I see lots of wavy quilts in your future...

  23. I really feel for you! I am not a fan of water with wave action of any kind. I get vertigo on dry land and have had to leave a restaurant on a barge in Frankfurt because of motion sickness. I will be most interested in how it turns out for you as my husband and I are contemplating a cruise. We will be trying a very short one to see if I can take it. I hope you can!

    Love your mini quilts!

  24. Motion sickness...don't even say it to me. I bet you can't watch someone play a video game either. You'll be FINE. Isn't that what we tell our kids?? Seriously, I'll say a prayer for you!

  25. good luck I am so WITH YOU on this one I will never go on a cruise...
    take her to Disney world or Disneyland!
    I know you will have fun and I hear once you are on the ---- you don't feel like you are...
    bring some hand work to do!
    bet you could get a whole quilt hand quilted by the time its over, but jsut think of all the wonderful memories B will have, your doing a good thing!
    love your little quilts....
    someone is going to be so lucky to get that in the mail!

  26. The patch. Get one and a back-up. It is worn behind the ear and must be prescribed by your physician. As one who got sick embarking IN PORT on one of the largest, steadiest -----ships, I got a patch the second time. But be careful I think what is in it is atropine and you will need your sunglasses if you touch it and then touch your eyes because it is what is in the drops an ophthalmologist uses.

  27. hehe... then I won't tell you.. LOL!

    ps... concentrate on finding a new swim suit...

    ppss.. I HATE getting in ANY water... can't swim... love ships... just a big resort!

  28. I think the boat is so big, it won't feel like you're in water. But My Cowboy feels the same way you do about a cruise. He'd never go on one. But you'll be fine! Have fun!

  29. Oh My! I hear ya! My hubby surprised me with a ****** one year at Christmas. I did not want to go, I did not, I did not, but what do you say when it's a gift and it's already booked and you know this ole farmy ranching man NEVER leaves the ole homestead. I was glad to get home and it took me 6 weeks to quit rocking back and forth!! HA!
    I think with Boo along you will have fun just seeing her have so much and forget where you 'really' are!

    I love seeing that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. It's supposed to be 80 here today!

  30. Good luck on your adventure! I've been on a bunch of ____ before, and I have air/sea sickness. I've never used the behind-the-ear patch, but people swear by them. I usually bring Dramamine for sea days.

    My big recommendation: ginger caplets! They are available at any vitamin store. I take them a few times a day, even when the ship is docked. I like that it's all-natural. It was also the only natural motion sickness remedy that was "proven" on Mythbusters (unlike those sea bands, which did nothing for me). Have fun!

  31. Oh my. I can 100% relate to all of your concerns ... motion sickness, large bodies of water, Titanic. I let my husband talk me into a cruise with my 2 year old son. It was on the giant Oasis of the Seas so the motion was not a big issue. I had a handful of fleeting moments but not as bad as i thought. I found that if we sought out activities that had some cost, the crowds weren't as bad (I think the ship holds 5,000 people so it is pretty unavoidable). Honestly, I was so wonderfully distracted by watching my son react to all of the new experiences and stimuli ... that made the whole thing fun and oh-so-worth it!

  32. will your greeness be on St Patrick's day?? love your quilts! :>)

  33. It'll be an adventure! For all of you :) a new challenge to be embraced! OK, I'll quit already: You'll all have a blast! (says seh who's never done it, and feels much the same, terra firma rocks!)

  34. Think of it as a floating island. You will have great food, new experiences, and lots to do. Sometimes the anticipation can be worse, so try to think of things you can do on the floating island (sun, great drinks, relaxing, watching B enjoy her experiences, the luxury of the hotel that moves, etc.) And also think of what you will do when you get home. Photos to upload and ispire, friends to visit, etc. I do recommend Land's End for swimwear. You will look stunning while sunning! Minnie will be jealous, and Daisy will want to know where you got your suit. Enjoy.

  35. I've also never been interested in going on a cruise. I also think of the Titanic when I think of ships. My youngest son is going on a cruise in a few weeks with his grandparents and a cousin for their graduation trip. Good luck on yours. My mother (motion sickness challenged) survived her cruise. Too bad it isn't one of those quilting cruises. At least then you'd have something to keep your mind occupied.

  36. You will definitely need the patch (really, you change them as you go). I use them to fly, too. Can't even imagine going on a boat without one. They are easy to use and you will be much more comfortable.
    Good luck!

  37. You are too funny!! Take Bonine not Dramamine - works so much better. I know from personal experience.


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