Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This was a top I found by accident today. I pulled out my sunny Cheddar Yellow KONA to add to my little lilies block, and out fell this top... It was a top I did as an experiment and I can safely say it wasn't a complete success.  I was free piecing curves, and it's pretty wonky, but it has it's charm!  I set straight away, and "stitched in the ditch" ... I wanna play!

Don't give up on your "Experiment" projects.

There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes
Richard Buckminster Fuller quote(US engineer and architect, 1895-1983 )

I always learn something from each of these little projects... I never throw them away, because one day, it will fall on the floor in front of you, and inspire something better. All those minutes used to experiment, or PLAY, add up to something valuable...a better you!

Perhaps this will be my hand quilting project on the Disney Dream... I couldn't resist pulling out some Aurifil threads to give it a go. ;-)

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday and laughing along with me on my ANXIETY of the upcoming trip.    I figure laughter is the best medicine...  I'll try to remember that when I am GREEN.

Today's PLAY...  One 10" block is growing into something big and bright...
Thank goodness for YELLOW.

Is there a technique in quilting you avoid for any reason?

Why not play today. Experiment.


  1. I am playing in my fabric today and having so much fun! I have found many projects as I go through fabrics and organize my stash. It was something I have intended to do since we moved into our house and one medical crisis after another seemed to keep me from getting it done. Now, my fabric corner is almost finished and I am deeeeelighted. There is a path. You don't have to step over piles of fabric. All the Christmas fabrics are in one, oops, I mean six boxes. LOL! All the fall and Halloween are together, the spring brights, and so on. It may be gloomy outside but it's sunny and sweet in here. :-) What do I avoid in quilting?.....hmmm.....I don't think I avoid any aspect of quilting although I do some things less than others because I'm not good at all aspects of quilting. I am really good at having fun with fabric, though. :-)

  2. I love your projects! I especially love the 10" square that is growing into something big and bright! i think i might give hand quilting a try (on a small project). I haven't done that yet but you make it look like fun!

  3. I am always HUGELY inspired by your experimenting V and I am realising I must follow your lead and start doing more of it. I love that saying by Fuller. Everything you make is fabulous V. As far as your trip goes, you will be in my prayers! xo

  4. That blue and yellow lookS GOOD together! I do love it!

  5. I avoid inside corners when doing applique. I always cut a curve instead of a deep v.

  6. wow... love yellow *wink! also love the little flowers inside the star!

  7. I love that star block!

    And, yes, I avoid paper piecing like the plague. I just can't get the hang of it.
    : )


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