Saturday, March 3, 2012


While I was in Minnesota, I took a few breaks to visit the antique stores near the hospital. They had a bunch of cute ones I had never been to so I had to investigate. Here are a couple goodies I picked up.  Gotta Love OLD goodies.

First, I stumbled upon this aqua and white Striped coffee/tea set. (I'm a sucker for anything striped.)  You can see my stairway hall is painted green and blue stripes. (So you can see why I had to have this.) It came with four cups and a cream and sugar. Isn't it sweet?

Next I found this pair of vases. I thought they were unusual so I brought them home. They have some of the same blue/green colors that I have in my kitchen, so they now live on my dining table.  After I opened them up last night, I looked at the bottom and, well, you can see, they say VICTORIA...
 I guess it was meant to be!

I spent a little time in the studio, here at my house today. I look forward to summer and throwing open the door so I can smell the fresh cut grass. ;-)

My daughter has decided she doesn't like her BED in her room, and took to sleeping in our living room on cushions. I asked her, "why the sudden change?" She said, "I never did like my bed" she moved completely out of her room. News to me!

She asked for a new bed, which was fine with me. So we took apart her bed, pulled it out along with her other falling apart IKEA furniture! LOL! Once we set her mattress on the ground, she said, "you know, I don't really want a bed, I like it like this!"

"Ooooh Kay"...  I said, "Well maybe we can put off til summer to look for a  new "IKEA bed". 

She is very keen on this idea, and asked if she could get a new soft Indian cotton blanket for her bed.
(she doesn't like to sleep under my quilts, except for her baby blankets (don't ask)...
image from urban outfitters

 I said, "let's look around for sales, and see if we can find something." We punched in Urban outfitters and very quickly she found the quilt she wanted...And it was 19.99! SCORE!

So since she was so thrifty, I decided she needed a new pillow for her room. She went to the see the Lorax with Hubby, so I quickly put this together and left it on her bed.

So between her new Urban Outfitters blanket, and her Joel dewberry fabric on her walls, Amy butler sheets, and a new whirly gig pillow... She's looking pretty good.  ( As good as it can look with out a bed frame! ) LOL!

What are ya gonna do?  ...To funny.

What are you doing today?


  1. omg... that is so funny!!! bed on the floor.. maybe she is a born again hippee.. wink!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE The stripe coffee set.. and your sweet V vases....

    i wish i was sewing... tomorrow I will.. with buddies... yes I am!

  2. Terrific room. Both of my kids wanted their mattresses on the floor too. Although my kids don't live at home any more they still have rooms at home. My son's bed is still on the floor and he still prefers it that way.

  3. I'm absolutely dying over that coffee set. I don't suppose the antique shop had other similar goodies? That pillow is fabulous!

  4. That coffee set is perfect for that spot. What a find! And even better.......the Victoria vases. They look very classy. We had our mattress on the floor for several months after we moved into our house. I kind of liked it so I can understand why Boo would want her bed like that. :-) Cool pillow! I'm not doing much of anything productive today (laundry doesn't count) but I am enjoying the day a lot. :-)

  5. Oh and I think of all the teen years YOU have yet to come :0)....I see you have already learned how to pick your battles and which ones just don't matter. Love the new pillow.

    I'm recovering from some nasty stomach virus so hanging in front of the TV.....

    Happy sewing

  6. That striped set is amazing. Glad you found it. Boos floor bed is perfect with a swirl on top.
    Spent the day in Everglades National Park.

  7. Lucky little girl who has a mama who sees that sleeping without a bed frame is something you can say yes to. Save the "no's" for the BIG THINGS!

  8. My 22 yr old also has mattress on the floor. I figure if it is good enough in Japan and other countries, it is good enough here! Great score on the quilted bedspread ---I don't force my quilts on my kids either -- if they want them fine, if they don't, I'm happy to oblige with something that fits my budget!


  9. Great finds! My son decided the same thing about his bed--at about the same age. I hate to say it, but he's stayed with a mattress on the floor ever since.

  10. So glad that she is developing a strong sense of self. A leader in training.

  11. My duaghter went through a stage in her teens where she slept on mattress on the floor.

    Love the coffee set.

  12. What a fun post. The coffee set with its stripes are lovely as are the Victoria vases - what a nice coincidence. Love the stories about Boo - and the new cushion. Today - walking over the hill, long Sunday breakfast, some emailing and then finishing a quilting gift for a special person with a special birthday.

  13. Wonderful vintage finds--they go so well with your decor Victoria.

    Kids will be kids right! Did you make those sheets for her bed too?

  14. My son is like that. He used his bed frame to make a skateboard rail. Her bed looks great! Love all the color.

  15. Love the pillow, did you make the pattern or buy it. It is normal for them to throw the mattress off the frame. Both my girls between 13 & 16 spent months on the floor, so give it six months.

  16. Boo's room looks great! My younger daughter used to sleep on her sister's floor all summer because it was closer to the air conditioning unit. come fall, back in her own room, next spring, back on the floor. At least she didn't drag the mattress.

  17. My daughter did exactly the the same! Now she has a queen size ensemble bed that my mum downsized from and uses a stack of older quilts as blankets! Her room is a constant mess...I guess she likes it.


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