Friday, March 2, 2012

Kia took ownership of my New Pillow...

My Daughter has caught the Embroidery bug!  Self portrait with things she enjoys... I'm happy to say, she has learned these stitches in school.  I was quite joyous & PROUD in her use of the satin stitch! ;-)  Oh So Sweet! I'm glad they are teaching the kids some sewing skills, very few do anymore...  Do they still teach sewing in the schools in your neck of the woods? Home Economics doesn't exist anymore, does it?
I know I didn't appreciate the skills at the time, but I can proudly say, I am grateful now! LOL!

Speaking of being PROUD.  My darling Hubby, received the FIRST copy of his NEW BOOK yesterday!  Yippee! The man is full of good stories, I tell ya... So if you have an interest in art, check it out... Having been in the NYC Art world since the 60's, he has known some amazing people and has many good yarns to share...Maybe even inspire you! ;-)


Do you visit your local museums to see art to be inspired?  
Is there an artist that you just love?
Do tell!


  1. How wonderful that your daughter is creating her own art, wonderful piece. And congratulations on your husband's book, time to celebrate with your family.


  2. art comes in so many different shapes and forms. It can be a statue from Rodin, Glass blown by Chilluly's studio, Paper cut outs and paintings by Matisse, hand-painted faience ware from France, to textile pieces from Hollis Chatelain.

    It's hard to choose one favorite artist. It depends on what moves me at the time.

    thanks for friending me on FB yesterday.

  3. Loved Beatrice's needlework ~ and it must be gratifying that she has gravitated towards designing her own and it is clearly her. Congratulations to Michael on his book ~ he's got to be as proud of you and Beatrice as you are of him.
    Wonderfully talented family.

  4. What a super talented family!!! I can't wait to read Micheal's book... and Boo stitches are fabulous!

    I don't follow anyone but when I see a piece that I like then I want to see more by the same person.. it becomes a bit of an internet obsession.. in a good way!

  5. Looks like Daughter B is as talented as Mom V! Looking forward to reading your hubby's book. Didn't realize he is "that Michael Findlay". I'm sure he has some great stories and insights into contemporary art... Congratulations all round!

  6. Wahoo! Congratulations, Michael!! I just pre-ordered the book. I'm expecting a signature someday.

    Great for Beatrice to learn those needlework skills. They really carried me through adolescence.

  7. Fabulous on all accounts!! Yay for Beatrice, when I was her age I loved to stitch and still do, but can't seem to find the time. Michael's book looks awesome and I look forward to reading it! I know that it will give me a perspective into art that I know that I could use. Congrats to all!

  8. Fabulous! Love Boo's 'stitches'...I was just about her age when I started but 'back in the day' we did it on Chambray work shirts...and we were COOL!!! Love the book, just pre-ordered it with the INTENTION of donating it to the school when I'm done. Of course, if I LOVE it, I'll have to get ANOTHER ONE. Congratulations to ALL!

  9. A very creative family! Congratulations to both daughter and hubby! I'm undereducated in the world of art but my daughter has a deep interest and I learn from her.

  10. Yay - what a wonderful weekend full of celebration for your family.
    Congratulations to all on the great work.
    The pup on the pillow takes the cake!

  11. Oh How wonderful, Congratulations on All counts!!!
    we knew he was a special guy, but wow V! :) sounds like an amazing book, I will certainly add it to my wishlist.
    Missed you! :) Looking forward to catching up.

  12. I can't wait to get Michael's book. I see you are his photographer. He's gorgeous!

  13. what a creative bunch you all are! I'll be popping over to amazon to get my copy this weekend! Your little dog is also very very cute - a cavalier?
    We have no art museums except for the Vassar College one. I rely heavily on the internet. I have a degree in fine arts and used to be in touch with the art world, but after 911 I stopped going into the city.... I need to change that up!
    Georgia O'Keefe. Mary Cassett. Monet. Dali. VanGogh is my favorite, but don't tell the others!

  14. Delightful news! I could use a lesson or two from B.
    Will definitely order M's book ... maybe there's a Sean Scully story in it?

  15. Great news in your life on all fronts - congrats!
    Somehow I haven't been to Art Museums lately, need to take care of that.
    I still really like August Macke, especially 'Der Seiltaenzer'. Franz Marc, Hundertwasser - not only his paintings, but his buildings even more so. Living in Austria for 3 years I managed to see quite a few of them.

  16. Now that's a book I'll have to read! I would love to be able to visit museums more often - I would LOVE to see the Visionary Art museum in Baltimore. Folk art is always my favorite.

  17. Congrats to dear hubby and I'm so glad to see that BOO has caught the creative bug too!!

    I inherited a print from my 'Munner'.
    It's called "After the Performance" by Marcel Vertes". It's fabulous! It is framed in an old heavy tarnished gold frame with the glass all pitted and tiny bubbles on the surface (it's old) and it hung above her formal living room sofa for as long as I can remember. I always told her not to let that one get away because I really liked it. So when she died and we went back to her house and I went in and discovered the blank space on the wall above the sofa I gasped and asked what happened to the picture! My aunt went over and pulled the picture out from behind the sofa and told me "here, she told us to save this for you". Needless to say I was surprised and teary eyed!
    Funny thing though, we never did discuss what where and when she got it. If we did I don't remember. Now why didn't we have that conversation??


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