Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Toys

EZ Quilting/Simplicity has some great templates, I was playing last night with my new ones... the 5 pointed star,made from these two templates... It sews together like butter...

And this one ruler makes this uneven 9 patch block...  You start off making a 10.5" nine patch, NEXT use this ruler to cut your curves out of the 9 patch. Next cut melons for piecing by cutting on the fold of the fabric. 

You can see on the circle image where the fabric was folded, You could also cut your block down to a square, on that line, for easy piecing the blocks together.  Very cool. 
I see a whole new quilt in my future... 

Check out this AMAZING yarn I bought at Vogue Knitting last night. I bought it just to wear it....

here's an interesting article on Steph and her amazing yarns...

We started a trend....


  1. Those templates are cool! I especially like the curved 9-patch one. Another idea for the very long list.

  2. Love the wool necklaces, perfect for winter!

  3. I like both templates
    I have a 2" piece of fleece cut from the backing of a quilt that I tie around my neck when sorting fabric in my cold garage . It's as warm as wearing a top coat . I'm sure your neck wool will have the same effect

  4. You had a fantastic day and got some fantastic things too! Love the templates and that yarn is fantastic. Definitely, makes a great necklace.

  5. I've always liked the uneven 9 patch, but couldn't bring myself to make paper templates. that melon thingee is just the ticket. what's the source? online or local?
    I was just playing with my new 60 degree diamond ruler, which makes hexies, or stars, or tumbling blocks. very fun.

  6. Love the trend, very fun. Templates are fabulous for precision on blocks like these. Have fun with them!

  7. Those templates look fab...I especially like the look of the uneven nine patch block...pretty!

  8. Neat rulers - now we have more things to try out - will we have time???
    Check out the last photo and your ear (LOL)!!

  9. Thanks for sharing those templates. They look like ones that I would like to add to my "ruler collection". That yarn is so cool. It actually reminds me of a necklace I had to wear in a women's group fashion show years ago. It really would make cool jewelry. :-)

  10. i REALLY like the star in a circle... ohhhhhhhh

    and the yarn.. swoon central! I think we should ALL just wear yarn like that so we can enjoy it.. wink! cuz who knows WHEN we'll use it!


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