Friday, January 13, 2012

HST revisited


Remember this post?   Once I saw them all in a row playing in Photoshop, I thought,
"well, I'm not 100% sure I am loving that...."  I had only made two Blocks 4 X 4 so that I could see what an overall it might look like...

I went back to the drawing board and puled a blender fabric, and use that, again, only making two blocks 4 X 4  so that I could get an idea if I would like it...

Can I  just say, I think I found my ORANGE quilt that has been Elusive to me for so long?  
I LOVE THIS!  And I am so happy I did not Keep going on the Chicken wire HST's...  AND, I think I will continue to do TWO blocks at a time and set in that bright BLUE triangle... I love love  love it popping out in there!  Thank god for Photoshop!  hehe! 

Have a great weekend!

I'll be at VOGUE KNITTING LIVE tonight helping at my friends Booth, And taking a KAFFE class on Monday.  Have fun All!

Now doesn't that COLOR just make your whole day?

Or is it just me?  Is there a color that perks you up just thinking about it?


  1. looks great reminds me of the one I am making using cheddar in the center , a reproduction of an antique quilt that was shown last year in AP and Q magazine!
    my cheddar is powerful but that blue is really stunning
    ah yes your beloved orange keep going!!! looks great.
    kathie who should pull that ufo out again and work on it thanks ;)

  2. Vogue Knitting Live and a Kaffe class - what bliss. I love using all the bright colours - reds, oranges, turquoise, but they can sometimes be too strong for the Scottish light. I'm very much enjoying your colourful interviews.

  3. Love your Orange quilt version, but definitely don't stop making the chicken wire version. You will be in class with some of my friends from CT!!! Be sure to say HI to them for me. They were over the house shopping for some wonderful Kaffe fabrics to bring to class with them. They loaded up! Totally wish I could be there too. Have a great time.

  4. I found myself loving orange after years of indifference. What do you know, Tangerine Tango is the color of the year this year. I also found myself eating and liking celery for the the first time in my life. I wonder if celery is the vegetable of the year?

  5. I have been drooling over all the oranges that came in my fabric swap and some of the collections I am seeing online. Right now, orange and very warm reds are the colors that most excite me. Have fun in the Kaffe class.

  6. Wow, that eye-popping blue surprised me, too. How exciting to see the difference!

  7. I've always just can't be unhappy looking at orange! Love that triangle quilt! It's going to look great!

  8. I love it with orange. I never would have thought to put it as a background but it is fabulous. Gives it such a warm feel.

  9. I love this orange, way better than the chicken wire. That's a good backing fabric! jmho! Have a great time at your Kaffe class, it will be exciting and colorful!

  10. That orange background is so much more unique than the white chickenwire. And of course the blue pops -- it's the compliment to orange! Blue and orange always sing to me, though I tend to go heavier on the blue and use the orange as an accent. I love where you are going with the opposite ratios. Toss that chickenwire in an orphan basket -- I'm sure it will find a home later in another kitchen sink type quilt. :-)

  11. Love love it! Orange speaks to me in so many ways. Like one of the posts I did not used to be crazy about orange. When I was deciding what color to paint my kitchen I was looking at a pottery bowl that my daughter bought me and I said that color of orange! I have not regretted it. I also love the blue peaking out occasionally! Perfect.

  12. Can I just say that I love, love how much you love this? That makes me happy. Hooray for ORANGE!!!

  13. Ooh yes V, I adore hst's and orange, and you have turned them both into a masterpiece! xo

  14. My color seems to be green. The hubby's is orange. It took years but he finally has me appreciating it. For quilts I like to use cheddar. It's a member of that family.

  15. holey moely I LOVE this quilt! Now I must make one... as I tell people in my presentation.. I loving doing the same project my friends do.. wink!

    did you know I'm obsessed with HST?


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