Thursday, December 8, 2011

A quickie!

 Auntie, can you make a quilt FAST for me?

My best friend's daughter, in college, needed a quilt FAST for her dear friend who drives her all around... She's a big BEATLES fan, so I very quickly ordered some BEATLES FLEECE, a bunch of BLACK Kona cotton!  Nearly a whole a cloth quilt, as I did not have time to piece anything quickly for her.

I took the opportunity to use my NEW Tsukineko inks to paint on the Beatles LOGO on the black... Holding my breath that it would work!  It did! Yippeee! I'm off to bind, wash, and ship! it now!! SPEEDY!!!

You can see the  2.5'' patches in the opposite corner... I had to fill in as I was short 12'' x 18'' of black! LOL!

We were up by the Rockefeller tree the other night, when we wen to a benefit for the Louis Armstrong Museum. The museum, his HOUSE, is in Corona Queens... A must see for all you JAZZ FANS!)
Jon Faddis was honored, and he also very very cool...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here!!

What a WONDERFUL WORLD!!!--- That song just makes me smile... no matter what!  Have a great day!


  1. Doncha love it, when you run out of fabric so you improvise with something to fill in, and it turns out so cool (your little pieced block in the corner)? and quilting black on black, I've done it - that's hard to do! Turned out GREAT!

  2. You are a whiz.....what a good Auntie too :0).
    I wish I could have seen Louie in real life....thank goodness he'll have a museum so generations to come will know all he gave to music.

    Happy Sewing

  3. I've always loved that song. My husband and I walked down the aisle after we got married to the instrumental version and then had our first dance to the vocal one. Fond memories for sure! Thanks for sharing the video with us and I bet that your daughter's friend is going to go gaga for that Beatles quilt.

  4. You get Auntie of the year award!! And what a fabulous event.. I love Jazz.. Memphis's Beal street is my fav!

  5. When I was a little girl I loved Louis Armstrong, I made my mother buy me some records. Wonderful World was my wedding song. Fun to hear it here tonight.

  6. 1. I love that song!
    2. You do SIMPLE in a sensational way!
    3. Enjoy the holidays!

  7. I love 'quicky quilts' that your trying something new on... Yours has turned out fabulous! You are a Wonderful Auntie!


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