Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Victoria

Here is a BLAST from my past. 
A Vintage "Victoria!"  ;-) 
A quilt top I made in 1993-94 after a trip to Arizona and a fixation on Kokopelli.    I can remember piecing the arrows, making it up as I went along...  I had no idea how to figure it out mathematically then... I rcvd this quilt top back from a dear friend, and I will repair it, as many of the seams have not held together... I had a really lousy sewing machine then... 

I will have to add fabrics to get it to even finish out square... It is in pretty bad shape...  

I painted the Kokopelli on the main piece of fabrics with diluted acrylics, and that has actually held up really well.

I look forward to finishing this gift and sending it back... It will be a joy to quilt after all these years... I had forgotten what the top even looked like... what fun to see it again.

My friend also gave me his grandmother's needle case that he found in her house. It's in perfect condition, and look at the label inside... Feb 24, 1914 made in Czechoslovakia...

A lovely gift I will treasure forever.

Fall is on the horizon...The geese tell me so!

Also! the winner of the Clare O'Donohue's book, "The devil's Puzzle"  is LINDA V!! Congrats!
Send me your address and I will get it mailed off ASAP!

I started reading it and I quickly found myself on Chapter 15... lick-ity split. fun read! Thanks for Sharing it with us Clare!


  1. What a great Kokopelli original Victoria! Original art for sure!
    My grandparents were born in Czechoslovakia so it's fun to see things from there - thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow...what a flashback.
    sometimes I get sad about not having documented my past quilts and treasures I made for family and friends......so it is nice to see an old friend come back for a tune up.
    I hope you can make it something special for him to keep forever.

    Happy sewing

  3. Great quilt. You were good even back then! Can't say I'm surprised.

  4. Ya gotta love those Kokopellis. What a way cool design. I can just see a trend happening, yet again. Love it!

  5. Your Kokopelli is wonderful....you totally got the southwest feel! And that needle case is amazing....how did it hold up that long? Wow...what a treasure!

  6. Ihave just done a blogpost about needles ( old ) and then sit back to visit my blog friends to find you have a post about the same subject. Great minds think alike eh.

  7. I fell in love with Kokopelli after reading a fictional novel. I have a metal wall hanging of him in my livingroom.
    I love your quilt!
    Hugs, Deborah

  8. Great photo of the geese. We love to see the geese in the autumn and rush out if we hear them passing by. There was a huge flock here yesterday evening going South.

  9. Very cool needle case!

    The UFO I pulled out to turn into a quilt for BASICS is from about the same era as your kokopelli. ;- )


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