Friday, October 7, 2011

250 more....please.

A special note about My Bumble Beans Basics Quilt drive.
to those of you new readers, I want to share with you what this project means to me.

A year and a half ago, I was calling around my NYC area to shelters in the city to see if they would take extra quilts that I had, that needed homes.  I found that no, they did not have the space to keep quilts or to keep them clean, so that option was out...
I then asked a friend of mine,Raul Russi, who I knew ran a housing project, called BASICS Inc.  I asked him if he could take a few quilts, ( I had four ready to donate) and he looked at me and said, ''DO you have 700?''

My eyes grew quite large...  That was not the answer I expected.  He then explained to me that at the time there were 700 families on waiting lists to get transitional housing. This meant that 700 families were in SHELTERS all around the NYC metro area. 700 FAMILIES!

The city itself does what it can to help these people, but they do not have enough help to place all families so organizations like BASICS, try to pick up where the city can't help.  BASICS looks for Housing units, basically entire buildings, that they can then move families into, and help them get there lives back on track.  They deal with everything, from illnesses, to addiction, to getting kids back into school... They ask constantly for donations of Sheets, pillows, school supplies, dishes, winter coats, whatever people donate, as they can only raise so much money, and they rely heavily on these items to give the families. 

This is a room, that a family of four gets. 

It's ONE room. 

One wall has the kitchen the other has the beds. a single dresser divides the room. 

There is a pillow, pillow case, and a sheet.

I've had people email me and say, ''Well, I only give to people in need in my neighborhood.''

That's great!
This is my is Japan, China, Haiti, New Orleans...

I've had people email to say, ''I have a top, Can you finish it?''

No, I'm sorry, I can't finish them all. This is why I need everyone to send ONE quilt.
I'm one person, I've made a lot of quilts for these guys and continue to run my quilt business.
I so wish I could finish all your tops,  and I appreciate you asking, 
But I really need you all to finish ONE quilt.

Where and when does my quilt get it's new home?

After we get enough quilts to supply a building unit, I work with BASICS to do a

I can tell you that I HOLD each and every quilt, and pass it on to it's new owner. We try to take a picture of every single one, but sometimes, the people are shy, or humbled, and do not want their pictures taken.  Often the SMILES are so big, they wish they could leap through the lens and hug each of you for donating your beautiful works of art.

Did I mention that YOUR name is read out loud when we hand the quilt over?

Last year we gathered 300 quilts and they have been distributed.
I asked my friend PAT SLOAN to help me in gathering 400 more, because I want to finish what I started and get the 700 quilts that I was asked for when this all began. Since the end of August when I began asking for more quilts, we've received about 150 quilts. 

We need more. 
250 more...

 I need HELP to keep putting it out there, (Like MPR fund drives)
so you all may find the space and time to make.


To stick a quilt in a box and ship it to BASICS.

Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Robert Gonzalez / BBINC
540 East 180th Street,
Bronx, NY 10457


We all have out own stories of where we came from and who helped us along the way. At this time in my life, I can't imagine starting over from scratch, but what if I did?  I know people are out there who will help.  

Not everyone has someone who can help.  Can you be that person?

I thank each and everyone of you who have sent, gathered, made, donated your services, to make JUST ONE QUILT to send.

All it takes is ONE quilt to warm a family.

So if you think making one quilt is not enough, please know that it is.

You can also help by doing any of these:
Facebook, twitter, blog it, add a BUMBLE BEANS BASICS button in your side bar...
(please take the image at top of post)

Quilt recently donated by Cathy of Cabbage Quilts. Australia

You can see that this project is very special to me.  I thought I would be giving 3-4 quilts away, because I had them... I ended up giving away hundreds!  One small thought turned into something WONDERFUL,  And I needed each of you to make that happen.

Please comment and tell me if you've sent a quilt,  or if you can commit to making just one.

for the Love and Support you've given this project.


  1. Just yesterday I won a cooperative quilt at my Long Island group, and I want it to keep someone warm this winter. Will ship it next week.

  2. As soon as I get my new sewing space set up (Tuesday) I am going to finish a quilt and ship it off. It's such a wonderful thing you are doing V! You are an inspiration.

  3. I'm sorry if I missed this in the post, but is there a size requirement?

  4. V, I have one quilt ready to ship as soon as I finish the binding this weekend. Also, I still have FOUR open slots where I've offered to quilt BASICS quilts for others, so if someone does have a top that they just can't finish, send them my way!

  5. I am sorry I sent you the top then, I hope you can send it to Shelly and have her quilt it.
    Its nice to know that the quilts are going to very needy people...thats whats important to me

  6. I will send a quilt! I am currently finishing a donation quilt for the Central Texas Wildfire Quilt Drive, but my next donation will go to you. What a wonderful cause.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! I will send a quilt (or maybe more than one). I currently have a top that I will commit to finishing for this project. And maybe a second one as well. What a great thing you're doing!

  8. I had such a good feeling when I mailed the quilts I made for Basics and now I have one more getting quilted, it will be it's way soon.

    It's a good thing :0), I applaud your efforts!

    Happy sewing

  9. Posted for Meg Cox:
    You know, I once interviewed a woman who had been given a quilt while living with her daughter in a homeless shelter in Baltimore. It helped turn her life around. The fact that people thought she deserved a lovely, handmade quilt said to her that she was valued as a human being. (And this was not a pretty quilt, believe me, I have seen pictures, cuz she still owns it.) Anyway, she got her life back on track -- and became a quilter herself!

  10. I have three quilts that will be quilted and shipped in the next two weeks. Two were pieced by Irene.

  11. Three on the way !!

    Great post and fabulous photos!

    Kate the Quilting Professor.

  12. Two sent in the past, one sent just this week. Wish I could do more!!!

  13. I've sent 3 quilts when you first started asking. Wouldn't it be nice if every person in need could have such a quilt? Best of luck.

  14. Mine is still in pieces on the design wall, but coming along... I'm committing to finishing the top this weekend, getting it backed/basted next week, and quilted in plenty of time to send in.

  15. I sent a quilt. feels good to share and to help out my neighbors in New York.

  16. I'm committed to sending you a quilt by the end of next week. I hope it makes someone happy!

  17. Perfect timing! I just finished a quilt today that I was making for this when I saw your post!

  18. Am working on mine! Am too new a quilter to have any quilts lying around or you'd already have received some...

  19. You can count on five from me. I've got one top quilted that Irene mailed me, and I've farmed out all the hand binding to others who want to help out. 2 left to quilt and bind!

  20. in tears: V, I am needing to turn that last corner of binding and that Dahlia is off to NYcity Monday morning! I feel so blessed that you have given us the chance to serve and to be blessed ourselves! :)

  21. ps Mom in law wants to send two baby quilts along as well! :) " because my father went through Ellis Island in the 30's to give us all a better life..."

  22. Mine is not in the mail, but I will finish it in the next week and a half and send it. I know this because my sister in law is coming and she needs the room that my quilting has overflowed into. Sorry it is late, but it will make it.

  23. Hugs to you for all you are doing ... my quilt has been shipped and received.

    Like you said ... ONE quilt at a time!

  24. Mine is not in the mail, but I will finish it in the next week and a half and send it. I know this because my sister in law is coming and she needs the room that my quilting has overflowed into. Sorry it is late, but it will make it.

  25. I sent a quilt many months ago and got a lovely handwritten thank you note from the people at BASICS. I wish I worked fast enough that I had more to give. If/when I can carve out the time I would love to make another. In the mean time, I can encourage others to donate -- it's a good feeling to know your skills are appreciated.

  26. I sent one in last year... I'm going to have a look around to see whether I've got a gently loved one that I could send. And then I'm going to see if I can't get a new one started...

    I appreciate your comment about China and Haiti and New Orleans also being part of your backyard. You stated what I felt without realizing that that was how I felt.

  27. My BASICS quilt pile is slowly growing: just added one more. Will ship in November.
    My original goal was 11 quilts in 2011. Not sure if I can make it, so far 4 are done & several in the pipeline. Got some wrist issues that are not helping, but 4 are coming your way for sure! So true: your project turned into something wonderful and it is a pleasure being part of it!

  28. I mailed 3 last week and have 2 more in progress that will hopefully go out this week. Thank you for inspiring us all to take care of our neighbors.

  29. Hi Victoria--I'm working on at least one. I've asked the Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild to help me make at least one more with our "Habitat" challenge fabric from Free Spirit Fibers.

  30. I think my red and white Irish chain needs to be added to the next distribution. In the mail this week to Basics! Hope you make the 400 more mark soon. :)

  31. Two will be on their way in 1-2 weeks. So glad I found your blog! What a honor to be able to participate in this great project.


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