Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, the other day I posted the TREE quilt that I recently bought, and I blamed it on JACKIE in my comments...  It's true! Jackie called me one night and said, ''Did you see...'' and all these lovely links
started appearing in my email!  We were oohing and awing over quilts, and the next thing I knew, two were mine... Not that I am complaining mind you! This BARN RAISING quilt is the other I bought that night.

 On several occasions cleaning my studio and scrap bins I have been cutting them down into squares, waiting for the day I'd make a gorgeous quilt like this.... Just been waiting for the inspiration...of course!  The thing is anytime I've gotten bit by the inspiration bug to make a big simple quilt like this I run off on tangents... Like the half square triangle quilt that continuously eludes me!  I do want to make a 2'' half square triangle quilt, KING size no doubt... And  each time I've attempted, I find other fun things to do with all those HST's...

Or I am supposed to be making something else, and it  turns into HST's.. see more of this dilemma over here 

The thing is, you have to ride the wave when inspiration hits you. IF you ignore it, you may have to wait a long time again before the BIG ONE hits! Missing that creative SURGE is like flipping on the switch and having your light bulb fizzle out on you...zzzzzzzzzzttt!

I was inspired right away by the  Barn Raising quilt... and made my own version of it... It's on it's way to a special friend battling something yucky.  (thoughts and prayers going up) It felt so good to have that SURGE OF CREATIVITY, that I need to go make myself one now... Perhaps today is the day for that HST KING SIZE MONSTER...

Seize your creative moments!  (even if it's just for 15 minutes today!)

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  1. G'morn ~ Love your share & that quilt is gorgeous. Oh, how I could never have the patience you all have sewing.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  2. Wow! That barn-raising quilt is fantastic. Your friend will LOVE it. And I really like your little hst guy.

  3. every morning I have this great burst of energy and after I look at some blogs I get inspired and so to the sewing room, then I don't want to leave, but there have been day when you just don't want to move.....I hate thoses days dont you......seize the moment every chance I can.......

  4. Prayers for your friend. The quilt you created for her is lovely. The barn raising quilt is amazing! Have a great day! Em

  5. its beautiful! yes i have those surges and rarely does what i end up with look like what i thought i was making when i started!

  6. ok... you just did it to me! Ive been making 2 1/2" hsts for an ocean waves... but.... looking at this i could make that barn raising quilt out of them!!!

  7. That was a fun night going through eBay with you!! I am so glad that one of us got the Barn Raising quilt, can I visit it from time to time?? Your versions looks fantastic!

  8. I never would have guessed that the quilt at the top is the one that inspired the quilt at the bottom! They're both absolutely wonderful quilts, and both really inspiring . . . and HSTs are a blast to play with (in any size!)


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