Friday, September 30, 2011

A day in VA

 Kim, myself, Marlene, Encyclopedia, and Andrea at the Quilting Expo today in Chantilly, VA
 Our NYC METRO MODERN quilt show was on display, and will be traveling around with the expo...
It was a hilariously fun day...

 More photos will soon be up on our guild page, but you can see them here for now...
 PAT, lives near by, so we all got together and had lunch, swung by her place, 
and then hit Jinny Beyer Studio... 
We were all SO SERIOUS, I'm sure you can tell we didn't have ANY FUN what so ever!
 Thanks for all the fun ladies!!!
I'm wiped out dead tired... 4 hours down 4 hours back... and a whole load of fun in between...
MOD guild meeting tomorrow... Saturday. I'm off to crash!


  1. Victoria, you were just around the corner from me! Sugar! I'd love to have met y'all. Glad you all had a grand time.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad you all hade a wonderful day. The quilts are inspiring.

    Glad to see my green blocks arrived.
    Sleep well.

  3. I am smiling big, your silly fun is infectious through the computer!!!!!!!

  4. Victoria--I bet you didn't know that somehow there's an advertisement at the end of this entry, at least on my screen, that was for a conservative financial institution---I've never seen this kind of thing on a blog before and think it must be a glich?

  5. OH how I would have liked to have seen Jinny Beyer's studio?? Was it wonderful ? I hear she has wooden quilt boxes!!

  6. Nope no fun at all! :o) What a great day and all of the little quilts are terrific.

  7. Hi wow I sorta figured Pat would be lots of fun....did your cheeks hurt when you got home, Love your blog...thanks

  8. And a good time was had by all! Sorry I missed it....

  9. What a cheerful happy post. I love seeing all the beautiful quilts you make over there. Have a great day at your guild meeting.

  10. I swear you really don't sleep... You all had such a wonderful time! If I couldn't be with you, I am living it vicariously through you! You rock! Wish I could be there today, thinking of you all!

  11. I'm so happy I was in town so I could meet you and your friends... they are amazing and talented and FUN!!

    Big SMOOCHES to you!!!

  12. I do hope you went down on a bus trip! Looks like a great time....

    Happy Sewing

  13. Great picturees, Victoria; thanks for sharing such a fun weekend with us who live far far away!


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