Friday, August 26, 2011


 I had a nice bright post ready to go, but it seemed wrong to put it up today... 
We're gathering our goods, batteries etc, as we often lose power out here on the island, 
even when it's barely raining... so I am signing off the computer for the next few days... 
Hurricane Irene... well, we will see what happens this far north. 
One never knows with Mother Nature.
 We have house guests, who will most likely not be leaving Sunday, back across the pond.  
Sunday is to be our worst day...
We did get to Montauk yesterday and it was glorious out... 
We had a few drops of rain but otherwise a beautiful day.
Hope your weekend will be calmer then ours.
and hope all are safe below New York on the Eastern coast!


  1. Be safe, my friend! Worrying about my daughter who lives there too...

  2. Hang in there, our beach house is in the path of Irene. We are about 75 miles to the west. It could get bad here.

  3. for once, she is passing by me here on the SC coast - i actually would have liked some rain.

    Victoria- you made my heart go pitty pat with those 2 photos, particularly the second one. I grew up near there 60 years ago and have wonderful memories of the island when it was still potato farms and I literally slid down that cliff at Bayberry Land - good times

    Batten down the hatches and chill the wine - stay safe.

  4. See you again when you get back, I hope you enjoy the wonderful storm, and have a lot of handwork to keep you busy.

  5. Lived here all my life and through a number of hurricanes. "Gloria" in
    '85 was one I hope never to repeat. Power out for 8 days trees on house, one year old baby. That one goes in the record books for me.
    Hope you stay safe and dry. I've charged my Kindle and loaded two new books for entertainment. Oh, and got lots of snacky stuff and water.

  6. Crossing my fingers that you are all safe

  7. I will be watching very closely. I have a son who is attending school in uppper Manhatten. He is going to Brooklyn on Sunday. I teasingly told him to take an extra pair of underwear, some granola bars, and bottled water. And to call his mother on Monday!
    I pray Irene heads out to sea instead.

  8. Be safe friend. We are in North Carolina please pray for us!

  9. Fervently hope that all you get is a good soaking and that you, yours and everyone on the east coast passes the weekend safely...

  10. Hurricanes in New York is pretty bizarre to us down here in Southern Louisiana. But if you need any advice on how to prepare, we have that covered!

    glen: don't go outside in the eye, it looks like it is over but the winds come back with a vengence!

  11. Stay safe! It should be perfect hand stitching weather, right?

  12. Be safe and don't take any chances... will be watching Irene closely and praying... my brother lives in Jersey-- works in Brooklyn. Hold on tight! Kat

  13. be safe...I live 35 min. from long beach island and we are stocked with food, flashlights, and we also have a generator which I am thankful for...will definetely be praying for everyones safety.

  14. Stay safe and enjoy the ride;)


  15. Sending HUGS and prayers from (finally) sunny Seattle. Can't say anything better than 'Batten down the hatches and chill the wine'...

  16. I'll text you from VA!!!! ours will start about noon tomorrow

  17. Hugs and prayers to and for all who may be affected by Hurricane Irene ... (fabulous photos, by the way!)


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