Monday, July 18, 2011

Home again!

Back home!
I'm home now, for the rest of the summer.
 I feel like summer is whizzing by!
All those months of waiting for it to get here, and zoom!
The Grad is officially graduated now that the party is over!
I'm slowing getting used to the idea that the girl is 18...

 I made a few stops along my journey! I had to make sure to meet up
 with my pal Mary! (on lake Pulaski!) we had lunch, and hit a couple antique shops... I'm sure she boogied over to Quilted Treasures too, you betcha - But I had to skee-daddle up north...  (ya know)  
Are you hearing my MN accent? 

I had to pick up a few old quilts to take back to the cabin... 
can't leave them lay in antique shops!  so thee two came home with me this trip... 
a simple block quilt and a crown of thorns. 
I love how some of the pink blocks have faded in it... It looks very MOD!

 Mary, that rascal, surprised me with this GORGEOUS piece of silk,
 complete with TAGS from when it was purchased. It came with a very nice story, 
which I will treasure, forever! MARY! Thank you!
You know it has a good home, and it has a spot in my silk quilt I am working on... It's perfect!
I owe you more than lunch, my friend!
 I also popped into Gruber's in St. Cloud. (Love that store) The biggest and best shop I know. 
I picked up all these Kaffe wovens. yum. I have no idea what will become of them. 
I have some from last summer to add to this stash...
I also hit my local Flying Goose quilt shop 3 minutes from my cabin...
 I picked up a bunch of goodies there too. You can see the Chicken wire fabric in red and green
 peeking in the left hand side of the pic...

 We had HOT AND STEAMY but complete OVERCAST weather 
the whole time we were in MN.
Except for this morning, (of course) as we packed up and drove back to Minneapolis.
Today was HOT and gorgeous... LOL... oh well...
 (I came home to the exact same weather! go figure!)
 Rain, clouds etc, make for great pictures of the prairie... gotta love it.

Someone got into the TWINS spirit, and went to cheer them on Saturday night, 
(they won!)
She got a ball from retiring number 28, Burt Blyleven, and also
came home with a player's warm up ball...
(we won't tell the Yankee's!)

As we drove back from the airport tonight, back to our house on long island, 
we often check the field for "HEADS." I think they think we can't see them... 
They forget they have "things" sticking out of their heads... haha! 
Welcome home!
Boy, were the doggie happy to have us home!
Thank you Kim and Karen for watching our poochies!

Well, what did I miss?
I feel so out of touch!

Did you sign up to win free tickets yet to the August Alliance events? 
Better go do that! winner drawn on the 20th!


  1. :) I was just reading an old quilt magazine that I got from a thrift store and there was an article in there about Gruber's. I'm from MN and wondered if they were still open! Now I know - thanks! :)

  2. ooh love the softness of those antique quilts. I just had my Crown of Thorn blocks out yesterday to visit with them - love that pattern. sounds like a fabulous trip - whee!

  3. It is always nice to be home after a trip. I could use a trip, one in northern maine where it is still cool, lol.


  4. So many exciting things to comment about!! Love the old quilts. I think there is a quilt block in that train. Love all the fabrics, especially the chicken wire. There is just something about chicken wire fabric that I love. Glad you had a great time and welcome home!

  5. Love the old quilts, the luscious silk, and ESPECIALLY the yummy Kaffes! Looks like you need some one to help you play. Wink!

    Glad to be home?

  6. All your photos are just gorgeous! Love the heads!! Love the antique quilts too! Glad you are back home and should you need any more Kaffe Stripes... Let me know, I can bring some down for you! Some of the same some different. I am sure you will cut into the ones you have soon enough.

  7. Welcome back! Your trip looks like it was very relaxing . . . makes me want a vacation . . .

  8. Sounds like a great trip, and how nice that you could rescue those two beauties from the antique stores!

  9. Thanks for taking us along, V. Beautiful country, and those quilts would have come home with me, too! taking a deeeeep breath... wow.


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