Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Window Shopping

I got home yesterday from bringing my mother and aunt to the airport and dove, 
straight away, into my geese. I added a few rows to it, and cut a bunch more Reds.
I think I need to buy more red!

My Aunt Marianne, myself, my Mother and Boo... I took them around to a few 
spots they might not have made it too, (like the FUDGE STORE)  
While we were away in Spain, they "house and Doggie sat" for us. 
I think they had a pretty good time!

 Blogger was giving me trouble uploading this morning, so I have only a few shots... 
 Friday and Saturday in Barcelona, was a HOLIDAY so the Quilt shops were not open!! 
BOO HOO!  But I made the attempt anyway and enjoyed seeing the
 graffiti gate on this store... Summer Solstice for them was a BIG celebration.... 
Fire crackers and fire works were going off all day and night...
That was one loud night...

More Barcelona Window Shopping.
This was closed as well. 
Probably a good thing... I might have bought everything in the store...
I adore IKAT prints.
I think I drooled on the window... sigh
Sorry about that.

We popped into a few shops that were open... Check out these shoes! 
The Fabrics of course caught my eye! See the heel? Zoiks... Very Betty BOOP.
 I have HUGE feet, and none of these shoes fit me... not that I would wear them, 
but they were fun to look at!

Back tracking a bit...While in London, you know I saw Trudi, Well, I can now show 
you the Signature Block she made for me and a selvage pin cushion. Sweet huh?

Also, I saw some family, My Husband's Niece, Alice, is a Doctor in Kent, 
and has just in the last couple years started Quilting! 
Funny Enough, Trudi and Alice were in the 
same Machine Quilting Class last year at Birmingham, and didn't know each other...
I found out from speaking to both that they nearly could have met. 
Funny how small this old World is!
Alice and her daughter also made me a Block for my quilt.
Thank you! I love them both!

And! Now, Alice just started a Blog!
Please pop over & tell her I sent you!

My Mother and aunt and the rest of my family are now going to add 
blocks to my signature quilt...  It may just become another Giant quilt like Ragamuffin!


gotta love it!


  1. Love the front of the closed quilt shop!! I bet inside they do color just as well. Those shoes are fantastic! Definitely for someone who wants to make a statement. How fun that Trudy and Alice could have met, now they need to do so. Popping on over to Alice's blog now! Your quilts are on their way!!

  2. Green and white polka dot bow on shoes with green and white gingham check! CUTE!!! I love the peek inside the window as well as the graffiti door. All that surely came hope with quilt inspiration!

  3. The red geese look great! Love the variety of the colors!

  4. What fun shoes!!! And great views through the window (and gate).

  5. How mega tantalising to be at a closed shop with beautiful things inside. It's nice to see the red geese again, I hope you are having fun with it.

  6. I am really lovin your geese quilt, red is my favorite color! Thank you for sharing photos from your trip. I would have never guessed that there were quilt shops in Barcelona :)

  7. Love how your Flying Geese quilt is coming along. The door on the quilt shop was cool. I think I would have bought a pair of those shoes not to where but to put on a shelf. They are really something. Can't wait to see the size your sig quilt turns out to be. Hugs.

  8. "Red is a neutral" according to Freddy & Gwen in their Collaborative Quilting book. Love how you have embraced that with your geese quilt. I like that every other row you have reversed the use of the red fabric - makes it vibrant!

  9. The GEESE! I love the geese!! The new siggy blocks are wonderful.
    So nice to have you back.

  10. Your geese are TDF! Love them! Those windows certainly are drool worthy, that ikat quilt is lovely. So fun about the quilting connections, I cannot wait to see your signature quilt!

  11. The red flock is looking fab. How about we all send you some reds?

  12. Awesome eye candy! Yeah, it was probably a good thing those stores were closed ;-) I like the latest signature blocks you've received. What a great quilt that will be!

  13. I can't believe the quilt shop was closed. How RUDE!!!
    LOVE the shoes!!!
    I'm glad you had a good time and I'm glad you are back!
    Have a great day sewing your brains out!

  14. That is a lovely picture of you, your mom, aunt and Boo. Beautiful!

    Also some other beautiful photos - oh those shoes! I would definitely wear them ;) Too bad the quilt stores were closed. What bad luck for you (but probably good for the wallet haha).

  15. A small world it is especially as I have only just subscribed to your blog link and only joined Trudi's a little while before then. Lovely eye-candy. Thank you.

  16. Love the Spain pictures - those shoes and the blue ikat quilt (?) look amazing. Welcome back!

  17. That graffiti gate! And I don't blame you for drooling on the window. That shop is amazing!

  18. ...happy pills, red geese and your Mom in NYC!
    Have a great weekend.

  19. did you hide the Harley keys from the "sitters"? :>)

  20. Love the shoes and the Happy Pill Store! What a great gimmick! Looking forward to seeing you in less than a month at the Alliance events.


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