Monday, May 16, 2011

RECAP : part one

 recap: part one

I'm HOME! Due to crumby weather in NYC area, we were about
and hour and a half late getting in. I could have kissed the ground...LOL!

The best thing about Market is seeing my pals for some face to face time.
Paula Prass above, and her new line all around us... Isn't it glorious! SWOON!
I want and need it all. LOVE the birds! (pearls and all!)
You can bet you will see a quilt for ME out of this line.

 Here's me and Heather for Anka's Treasures! Do you know that we are neighbors?
I came across her blog one day, and she had posted a view out of her studio windows, 
and I thought,
"Gee, that really looks like MY LAKE in MN!"
(what are the odds of that happening? land of 10,00 lakes?)
Turns out, I can see her house as I stand out side my CABIN door. 
See ya again soon my friend! Memorial weekend, Minnesota,  here I come!
Heather's Awesome. She does so much I am continually impressed. 
Bonus: her hubby Joel, 
is a great guy...he keeps the weeds down our lake! (our lake association!)
And Boo is crazy about their dog, Daisy... lol!

Ilove Heather's new patterns  in this line... the white stars behind me, Beauty.
And the white pink and green one to the right of heather... great classy pattern!
Stay tuned for a HEATHER Giveaway Later this week....

 And Miss Jennifer. This girl just knows how to make fabulous patterned fabric...
and just about anything else fabulous in the lifestyle products..
clothes, pillows, lampshades... 
her fabulous assistant, Madeline and pattern maker Carla,
all are so lovely,what a great team!
 I hit a few schoolhouse events... here's Edie Mcginnis showing off some beauties...

 And the lovely dear buddy PAT in action! Isn't she spunky! the girl keeps me in stitches!

 Anna Marie Horner showing her fabrics
 And Joel Dewberry presenting his new line, and mor eof those fabulous
BIRDS in new colors...

Check out these CUTE POLKA DOT SHOES!!!
Can you imagine walking around all day in them?
Through all of this?
me either, I'm tall enough, I'll stick to my flats... ;-)

I'm off to collapse into my VERY OWN BED tonight.



  1. There truly were so many great new things at market! I'm still on sensory overload.

  2. I agree...I've been thinking about market all day! It was so great meeting you at blogger meet up!

  3. Hi Victoria, did you make a quick drop-in at Machine Quilting Expo in Overland Park (Kansas City), KS? Thought I saw you there but didn't have time to stop to say hello.

  4. Great photos... always so good to be at home!~

  5. Wonderful photos of you with other talented people!
    Memorial Day weekend? Got time for lunch or???

  6. Soooo much eye candy!! I want it all, too
    Love Heather's quilts and everyone else's stuff.
    I'm swoonin.' I'm swoonin.'
    The pink polka dot shoes are adorable.
    Welcome home!

  7. Loved your pics. Looks like you had a blast! glad you're home safe.

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful photos. Omg - the bird with crown fabric!!!! The polka dot shoes are fabulous but I stick to flats these days too.

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  10. Thanks for posting pictures from market, Victoria! I love seeing what it was like.

  11. Glad you are back albeit late, but back none the less! So glad you had a great time. Can't wait for some face time with you myself! See you soon. Love those cute shoes too, but flats are the way to go at market for sure!

  12. Thanks for the tour, Victoria - oh to have been there - although I would probably have been overcome by so much fabric which we can't get here (except on the internet of course). I'm going to a new patchwork shop in Perth (Scotland) tomorrow - looking forward to that!

  13. That looks like so much fun, but exhausting, too. I'm not tall, but there is no way I'd be wearing shoes with heels to something like that.

  14. Looks like you had a great time! I think I'm a little jealous :)

  15. Great pics of the show. Thanks for sharing!

  16. OMG that last pic says it all! If anyone wonders if quilting is big business, just show them that picture! Thanks for sharing and letting us all drool a bit! :)

  17. Hi was so nice to meet you at the bloggers meetup!!! I still feel like I could explode with your post, you really captured the energy of the market ....xoxoxo

  18. I knew it. I should have snuck into your suitcase! Oh well the pics are fabulous, no I wouldn't be wearing those heels either;) and SO happy you had a blast!!

  19. so great to see you and thanks for coming to my school house!! I forgot a fabric card to bring (DUH!)..oh well... I need an assistant!

  20. Can't wait to see more!! Glad you're home safe and sound.

  21. Wow, that show looks wonderful. Imagine those stalls, much closer together and with ten times more people...that's the quilt show at NEC, Birmingham, UK!!

  22. Looks like you had a great time, it certainly looks like it could have been overwhelming. I'm with you, stick to comfort first when it comes to the feet!

  23. Thanks for the pictures! Those shoes are SO cute and I would NEVER wear them either! LOL! Tall, clutzy and enjoy comfort just doesn't add up to cute polka dot heels for me.


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