Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New obsession: Marcia Derse

Here it is, my new obsession.... Marcia Derse  Fabrics... Aren't they Glorious?
 I had the hardest time picking which colors I wanted... I'm really drawn to the GOLDs, but I also picked up two BLUES... thinking they may work for a quilt I need to put a spin on...

 I bought a PINK, with  gold brush strokes over the surface... I don't know why,
but I am stuck on that GOLD color the one on the right, that I already have
a lot of here... the middle brown with perwinkle is for drapes in my bedroom...

 The BLACK is so darn cool, and the two blues I also picked up... I'm not even a BLUE girl!
But they color was so intense...
Usually I go for RED, but I found her RED to PINK... needs more yellow for me, in it...
I like a good tomato red... But really, I wish I had the entire line... 
It's seriously ridiculous trying to pick 5 you love...

 I came home and found all these lovelies in my mailbox.
Thank you to:Teresa, Valentina, Kathy,Lisa, Sheila, Karen, Bonnie,Emily,
Cherie, Julie, Stephanie, AnnMarie, Rachael, Betty, Karen, Chris, and Sujata!
Thank you So much ladies!! I love each an every one! I'm amazed at how much time
you all took on them....They are treasures...
Julie, You scared the daylights out of me...
She sent her block in a big white LAWYER'S
From a wrong state... And I thought, what the heck is this? who is sending
me something! 
Thank goodness it was just your block! haha! 

 Have you applique folks tried the BLACK gold clover needles... LOVE!
I saw them at market, and had to have them to play with... I was so happy to be home 
to my sewing stuff, so I could sit and hand sew tonight...
Now I am waiting for my goodies to arrive that I fed ex'd home to myself...
The few bundles of fabric from Sample spree...
Here's Alissa, myself, Kristin, Jacquie, and Shea after we had spent all we could at sample spree...
I'm quite proud of myself... I didn't buy much, but got Jackie a few things! ;-)
 Shea has some really cute new patterns out... go see.
Kristin and Alissa's new book is:     Congrats!!


  1. You are way too funny!! The way you describe picking the fabrics is what actually goes on in my head when doing the same thing! A kid in a candy store for sure!! Can't wait for that package myself... hurry!!

  2. Lots of pretties yes mam! Thanks for showing your finds off:)

  3. Those fabrics really are gorgeous! I haven't seen them so thank you for the tip. I must find a few of her prints. Love the blocks you received - looks like such a fun project. Thanks for sharing all these fun pics from Market - fun to see everyone's happy faces!

  4. Gorgeous finds! Such beautiful fabrics, I would have a hard time choosing too!

  5. I am also madly in love with the Black Gold Clover quilting needles. First time I've found a #12 that I could use coated quilting thread with and didn't bend in the first 2 stitches.

  6. Wonderful blocks, how long do I have;)
    I have some ideas, and I am doing machine quilting this week, so good time to make one.

    Looks like you had fun at market, way too many new fabrics and patterns, would go nuts.


  7. Those beautiful fabrics are new to me. I'll have to take a look. I like the ones you chose. Especially nice periwinkle swirls for your curtains.
    Fun to see the signature blocks. All so different but they'll go together fine. I hope you get a ton of them.
    Are you in Australia?

  8. Sorry for the fright - I thought I send you a warning e-mail that I used my work mailing label...

    I've been in love with Marcia Derse fabrics for a couple of years now - they are fabulous to work with. I just finished one last week - it's so soft and wonderful. Go on, just order the whole line - you will NOT be sorry! (she accepts some direct orders from her website and via e-mail).

  9. Just picked up some of her fabric myself courtesy of Bill Kerr. Gorgeous colours and texture.


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