Thursday, March 3, 2011

Various quilty things...

I'm stippling away over here...
(taking a break, rest those shoulders!)

What are you working on today?

 My pal KIM, send me  a copy of her book SCRAP BASKET SENSATIONS!  
She's so sweet...  She included a note saying..
Wonder what would happen if you made either of those quilts "Victoria-style"?  
Sewing the pieces free-form and trimming the blocks?  Hmmm . . .

 hahaha! she was referencing two quilts I saw in the book that I absolutely loved!
Is that a challenge Kim? ;-)

 First one was this TOOL SHED quilt.. Look how scrappy and fabulous it is? 
And it's a pattern!  Very easy and looks so free and wild...  I may need to figure 
out my own version of this... KIM!  you've got my brain working.... 
I really don't need to start another quilt right now!
 This quilt, Is my favorite in the whole book.  I may be swayed to try this, 
and follow the pattern... I think it's stunning... She said it almost did not 
make it into the book...
Good thing Karen got this together... I love the brown... Well done Karen.
And way to go KIM!  Another great Quilt book with Lovely patterns....

Speaking of patterns... My Christmas FLOWERS HEXAGONS is being made by
a reader, Katherine... Look how cute they look in spring colors! 
Love the color modulation she used...
If anyone else is making them please send me updates! I'd love to see them!

OK, I gotta put away all the fabrics off my cutting tables...  
I had two stacks of fabric splayed out all over the place...  good grief...  
I couldn't see the top anymore... 
Yippee! I am seeing my green mat again!
I'm curious, are you a clean upper as you go sort of sewer?
Or do you make a mess like  a hurricane came through, then go back and clean up?

Please tell me I am not the only HURRICANE QUILTER!


  1. I'm definitely a hurricane!! Hubby comes in the room, looks around disapprovingly, and I tell him "you don't get to criticize! It's the creative process!" Besides he's an eternal hurricane in his own right.

  2. Hurricane!! I can't stand a pristine picked up room!

  3. I am definitely a hurricane, too! Even when i try to clean up, I get sidetracked and end up with an even bigger mess as I start to pull out more fabrics to see how they look with what I've got out. I love your quilting on the clouds quilt - beautiful! and I can't wait to see your version of Kim's quilts - you know you want to!
    Happy quilting, rest those shoulders...

  4. Love love love your quilting! I love how that star is really popping off your canvas!

    I used to be a neat quilter, but since going back to art school last fall, I am challenging myself to do things more Victoria-style. It's so much more freeing and fun!

  5. I always enjoy your blog -- with a great variety of cool stuff to see. I love to make a giant mess when I sew ... the only thing is, my office/sewing room is just outside the kids' playroom, so believe me I have heard before that I should clean up my room too when I ask them to clean up the toys ...

  6. Are you doing all of that marvelous quilting on your Juki? If so, I need to branch out a little and get away from the meandering.

    Yes I'm a hurricane also. I usually clean up when something's missing or I get tired of moving the same pile of fabrics.

  7. Wonderful quilting... and yes, I can be added to the list of hurricane quilters!

  8. I am a hurricane too. I usually don't clean up unless I have company coming, or the chaos has tipped so far and I can't find anything.

    LOVE your quilting. The feathers always inspire me.

  9. I think there is lots of company in the hurricane dept. My friend came over and asked how I could do anything. I go to her neat sewing room and ask if she IS doing anything!

  10. My cutting mat often disappears, like yours. I like scrappy projects, so it's impossible for inspiration to strike without a whole lot of stuff getting pulled out of bins and drawers. Seems like I am always tidying up without ever achieving a tidy sewing room. Love those stripey hexagons... another "future project"!

  11. As usual, lots of wonderful things happening at Bumble Beans!! Definitely, Hurricane! You should see my studio now... I will help you make more of a mess next weekend!

  12. I'm a hurricane for sure....and often I end up cutting on some teeny corner of my mat because every other bit of it is filled with scraps and piles of (unfolded) fabric. And that is on a 4'x6' table- not small!

    Yesterday I sewed some improv blocks and I cleaned up as I went along... it was amazing. But it was just 4 blocks. Making a quilt is MESSY!

  13. hurricane. like karen i find myself using only the tiniest corner of a very large cutting mat, carefully checking for blocks that may be under the fabric i'm about to slice. but once something is finished (a block, a section, a top), then i'll go back and sort the scraps from the threads so they're ready to play when i need them. (yardage that didn't make the cut during auditions gets tossed onto a chair and it might stay there for a couple months... but the scraps, those are neatly organized.)

  14. Definitely, I have become a hurricane. Your quilting is fabulous. What a yummy quilt.

  15. Definitely Hurricane... you've seen my room on my blog a while ago. Who's the lady that throws the scraps over her shoulder while she shows how to quilt on her TV show? That's me, only I'm not famous!

  16. Hurricane here too! Some of my best fabric combos came from something being tossed from one pile to another!

  17. Secretly in my mind I'm a neat quilter, but I'm definitely a hurricane. Beautiful quilting FTW!!

  18. oooopa! That was supposed to be BTW not FTW

  19. Your quilting is beautiful..
    I am messy quilter but always need to clean up after two to three quilts just to clear my canvas, my brain!

  20. OOH V - love the quilting on your cloud piece - It's like looking up at the clouds and seeing images there, doesn't it? what batting do you use to get such nice loftiness and relief? Just lovely~
    p.s.sort of shy to admit, but I'm not a hurricane, am I the only one? - my sewing space is too small! - projects and scraps stacked in the bins and baskets,up and away from the dogs. :)

  21. I am neither. I never clean up! LOL. Or at least that is what it looks like!

    Love your cloud quilting.


  22. You are definetly not the only Hurricane Quilter. My sewing room always looks like a hurricane just hit it. But surprisingly enough, I can find everything I need. Hugs

  23. My sewing space is small and it is always cluttered with different piles of projects. The only thing that gets me cleaning up usually is when I can't find something. That happens often!

  24. Oh, V, your quilting is to die for!
    My sewing space is not large enough for a hurricane ... just a mini-tornado.

  25. I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone as a hurricane quilter! Love those spring colored Christmas flower hexagons. If you think that pile of fabric is a mess, I won't DARE show you my cutting table!

  26. I'm a hurricane quilter, too. :)

    I've told you this before, but your quilting is just so beautifully done. Do you freehand it, or do you mark your quilting lines beforehand? If you mark them, what do you use to mark them?

  27. I'm loving your cloud quilt! That's some pro-quality quilting you're doing there.

    I've been trying to imagine what the quilts would look like Victoria-style, and yes, consider it a challenge. :-)

    I love Katherine's blocks! Definitely spring-y. And such fun fabrics.

    Thanks for your super-kind words. You're too sweet!

  28. You KNOW I'm a hurricane. I never clean up until I absolutely have to because I've lost a piece of some project!

  29. Not really a hurricane (since I've lived thru way too many in my lifetime) but I'm definitely a strong thunderstorm :) - stuff is everywhere. Can't wait to see your Flower Boxes - I did have to fight very hard for this one. It grabbed me the very first time I saw it. I'm really glad she relented :). Great post - quilting looks awesome girl!!!

  30. I am a hurricane, or whirling dervish, tasmanian devil?? Taz was always my favorite looney toons character. I create and make a mess and leave it that way until company is coming and we need the sewing room as a guest room or I finish what I am working on.

    I love the boxed flower quilt. It got the wheels turning.

  31. I love your quilting!!! Can't get over the! Can't wait to see it done! :)
    I keep being crowded out of my mat by scraps and gangs of FQ's defiantly defending their territory... :)
    The problem with my hurricane is that it leaves quilty stuff all over the house: especially the dining room table!

  32. lucky you , her book is on my list, I love the same quilt you do and someday I will make it I am thinking Christmas with that one :)
    yes I am a hurricane should see my sewing room right now
    ok maybe not I would be embarrassed!
    the quilting looks wonderful
    Enjoy the sunshine again today and warmer temps!

  33. I always start off cleaning as I go. Then the storm moves in and when I finish a sewing session it looks like a hurricane blew through the room. I clean up and start another project.

  34. Totally hurricane here. Then, after about 3 quilts, I have to clean up. Throw that fabric around!

  35. Thank you so much for posting Katherine's hexie quilt...she is a quilting buddy of mine and was so thrilled to see you post her project! When I saw her this morning, she was just beaming!! She is one talented quiltmaker...we both get so much inspiration from your blog!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  36. Looking at the worktop, on which I was doing one of your 15 mintues of play exercises...yes, I have my Hurricane moments too!. You don't diss the muse when she visits by pausing to clean, non?!

    Victoria: I HAVE TO KNOW! in the last photo,of the fabric stack, what is the one in middle which is orange with a red (?) grid and pink dots with red rims??? Gotta look for that one!

  37. WESTERN, you are a no reply comment, so I can not reach you...
    that fabric is Fiesta by Terrie Mangat free spirit fabric

  38. You're supposed to go back and clean up?!!?!

  39. Maybe not a hurricane, but definitely a "mirco-burst"! I pull, drape, cut, sew... then look around and say "Now, who did all that?" ;-)


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