Friday, March 4, 2011


Guess what I am going to be doing?
Talking with PAT on her radio show!


So, I am to believe that  all of you, BUT ONE! are Hurricane Quilters!

Somehow, I find great joy in that!
I was definitely the minority at my last retreat...  They were all so neat!
Strings went into thelittle hangy baskets, scraps stayed  table or in the trash...
Myself? I had a BIN of fabric dumped on the floor, and those scatterings of cuttings stuck to my clothes, and dragged them all over the place...

haha!  That's what I do here at home to...  My slippers pick up all the bits and drag
them all over my house... My dogs comeout fo the studio with strings
and fabric stuck them selves...
Sigh... It's a lovely thing to see fabric fly!

There is also beauty in numbers!  And i am happy to hear I am NOT ALONE!

 I was on such a roll yesterday.... the quilting was coming along so nicely!
I was down to the two outer borders.... and I was out of ideas on what to do with it...
I thought I would need SIMPLE, and a bit of puffy so that the whole quilt 
did not get over quilted... 
So I tried one idea...  YUCK! YUCKY YUCKO!
Didn't like it...

 instead of stopping right then and there and rip it out, 
I thought, well, perhaps I can add something else to it,
so I added another wavy line through the pattern, then started scalloping over those...
I didn't like that other....

Now that I did all that, I am ripping all of it out... ACK! 
I decided I want the small border NOT quilted at all.... so out it all comes...
(borders only...) everything in the middle looks great..

sigh.   Such a bummer....

Well, I think I know now what will happen in the outer border...

excuse me while I go cry silent tears....
rattso, frattso, rattso, frattso...insert a few minor expletives here....

Oh well... all part of the process of learning right?
one big fat check mark in the DRAT column....

stay tuned...

OH And, Just FYI...
Jenny Egg was helping me with Emails
and Blog reading yesterday...
I'm all caught up now!


  1. I love the colors in this quilt. It is very much of the clouds, and the reflection of the sun on them during sunrises, sunsets and sunny days.

    Do you mark some areas before quilting? If so, what do you use?

  2. No, I didn't mark any areas on this quilt... I find I get a smoother line if I just go for it....rather than trying to trace a line.... Thanks Annmarie!

  3. Oh, I can hear your crying here! Don't worry that has happened to us all. I have had to rip out quilting too. NOT so fun! But it has to be what you like, so it has to be done. And by the way, I have done done exactly what you did, continue on thinking that I will like it better. So glad you are going to be on Pat's show too. You will be great!!

  4. Well, as long as you are really shedding tears, silent crying is fine. A newly released study showed that crying actually reduces stress hormones. They measured the stress hormones in the tears. Hmmm, I would not want to have been the person gathering those tears from the "angry stressed" people. I didn't need a study to tell me all that. I'm a firm believer of crying, and then getting on with life. It may be only a minute but I always feel better, lighter, afterwards.
    Your quilting and piecing are awesome. I love the way you play with colortexture,and movement. Very inspiring.

  5. That's very funny! I hope you know I was being slightly dramatic... :-) it did make me grit my teeth a bit... I don't like my seam ripper very much.... Hehe!

  6. the quilting is gorgeous, you really are fantastic at doing it and so amazingly on the home machine. love the quilt. I'm definitely a hurricane. not so good at the putting it all back together again - I cram things back on shelves as they are, or even worse, just throw things on the table that just keeps getting piled and piled higher... looking forward to your podcast ep!

  7. What a bummer! Think of it as meditation. I love my seam ripper for just that reason, a little mindless hand work.
    Your quilting is amazing, love the scallop filler.

  8. love the quilting!! love the colors in the quilt. what type of batting you use to create the fluffy look? love it!

  9. That quilt is amazing! How exciting about your interview- and I just love your little assistant!

  10. Your quilting on 'clouds' is wonderful; think you're right about the bits you're ripping out, though...then it wil be perfect! I am another hurricane quilter, small on progress...but big on mess! Have a restful weekend and enjoy your radio show!

  11. Such gorgeous quilting. Can't imagine what's not to like. But you're the one who has to like it. Have fun on the radio! I hope we can listen at some other time. I'll be at work.

  12. Really spectacular quilting. What a vision you must have while creating the quilting motifs.

  13. yes, your quilting is amaZing (that's with a capital Z). i have a juki also, love it, love it!!! it's truly a work horse machine or like a rock star from Mars (charlie sheen humor,he he). hope to have my ears on monday @ 4, it will be great to hear ya. i have a furry helper in the sewing room too, she likes to sit in my lap while i mindlessly work on my spider quilt. and yes, you may put me down in the hurricane column. thank you :>)

  14. Oooooh, I HATE it when that happens! And, unfortunately, I tend to do the same thing, keep going in the hopes that more of it will make it look better. Here's a tip for making the frogging easier. First, get a pair of little scissors with up-curved blades. I use baby fingernail clippers. THen, clip a few stitches till you can grab the top thread and pull. It should pull about 1". With tension still on that top thread, clip the bobbin thread that appears and tug again. It really does make the frogging much faster.

  15. Am I the only non-hurricane?? LOL! Well I lived thru Ivan (CAT 3) and I've had enough to last a lifetime. I feel your un-sewing pain. I've ripped out portions of the last 2 quilts I've done, but it was so worth it. Pretty soon you'll be done, hang in there...

  16. Oh - forgot to say I'll be listening. I listen every week to Pat's show, congrats, I am sooooo happy for you. You'll do great!

  17. AH - I feel your pain. But golly miss molly that is some impressive quilting that you have done there. Just exquisite. Looking forward to hearing your voice on Monday. You a rockin' star, girl!

  18. So glad you are spreading your quilting enthusiasm over the air. Will be listening for more from you. I feel a quilting revolution in the making! Freedom, now!

  19. It is amazing! You are doing a fabulous job on it, even if you are having to rip. I have two on the long arm right now that I have to take off and rip out because the tension on the back messed up and I didn't realize it.

    They are kid's quilts and I put two on at once. Luckliy I noticed it after I had completed only one.


  20. On the RADIO! Yes, I'll be listening!
    You are becoming an amazing quilter and I can even say that when you are too picky and choose to rip!! The quilt is beautiful.
    It looked like a hurricane here tonight - chair cushions for my sister, headbands for cochlear transmitter for my niece and then a bed skirt for my Mom. Whew..done! Too late for fun sewing now.

  21. I am a lover of shadows on quilts! Very nicely stitched.
    AW in Victoria, BC

  22. I like your quilting very much! Good for you getting caught up on the blog reading. I am way behind, but it a fun task and I am looking forward to it.


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