Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Goodies


Hop on over to PAT SLOAN's BLOG for a chance to win a 
Six fat quarters of some of my favorite fabric, and
a Virgin Mary panel, which is one of my own designs made by spoonflower.
(will be available soon...)  I challenge you to play with these, 
and make your own mini quilt with these great fabrics! 

I'll be on my friend Pat's show today along with Sue Sprago, 
come listen in at 4pm est.

(comments for the giveaway must be left at PAT'S blog)


Stripes Dots, and Plaids challenge, is going strong...  
 I keep playing and moving these around... So many possibilities!

Everyone is sending two blocks...
one of this quilt, and one to go into the batch that will be
raffled off to one of the lucky contributors.
CLICK HERE for more info.  Blocks must be rcvd by March 16th.  

I want to give the other set away to one of you before I go to PERU!

I have hadmy little singer for about a year, and today I finaly plugged her into sew!  
She works like a sweet little dream! I had to break her in with some 15 minute fabric, of course!

hop over to her site for more information... These were fun to make, and now I am off to
do some embellishments on them.  She is making these into a quilt to be auctioned off for charity...
Brilliant idea, and a beauty of a quilt it will be!

I couldn't part with the tiny scraps leftover from my two blocks so I had to make
them into a 6" pineapple block...
 Fun fabrics to play with!  I may need to start collecting old neckties too...
but as you can see below... I really don't  have more space for yet another thing to collect...

 I pulled 7 bins of SCRAPS out of my studio in preparing for a sewing retreat here this weekend... 
oh what fun!!! At least my studio is clean now!

My Friend Helen is making some of my Christmas Hex Flowers as well!
See her SPRING FLOWERS, she is adding triangles to set them...
I love the lights in with the greens...

What are you doing today?


  1. HI, I just came over from Pat Sloan's blog and LOVE yours...I looked around some but I'll be back when I have more time. Such a happy place you have.

  2. Have fun with the radio show! Your Featherweight looks just like mine. Don't you love it? Beautiful give away. Someone will be thrilled.

  3. Good luck with the radio show!

  4. Looks like you have been busy! Oh the scrap boxes! Your featherweight reminds me of my mom-in-law's sewing machine!
    Have never owned one but heard plenty buzz about it. May be some day!
    have a great time on the radio! I am going to tune in!

  5. I love the Virgin Mary panel you have designed.

  6. Seeing your scrap bins made my day! Scraps have been accumulating around here faster than I've been using them (in spite of several scrap projects ongoing). It's nice to know I can fill 2 or 3 more bins before being in your scrap league.

  7. Wow I cannot wait to listen to you on Pat's show...Love your panel and your colors are awesome....

  8. Love the way that quilt is turning out. I can see my blocks, did we say brights and I missed something or did everyone but me just do brights?

    LOL. I probably missed it, I am missing a lot these days@

  9. Congrats on the radio show! Your necktie blox are FABULOUS! Of course you already have them close to done! You're amazing!

  10. Hey I am sewing on a Featherweight today too! 2 coasts, 2 quilters, 2 vintage Singers... too fun! I love, love, love your fabrics for giveaway (that Lady = swoon!) The DOTs challenge quilt is looking great and the hex flowers look so lovely in these soft spring colors. What a great start to the week!


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