Sunday, March 6, 2011

Honor the RED & WHITE!

In honor of the red and white quilt show here in NYC at the Armory this month,
And Taryn at repro quilt lover , (she's doing a red and white quilt show online)

I am showing you my RED & WHITE quilt my Mother gave me 
and my hubby for our ten year wedding anniversary. 
I came across it in an antique shop and I just had to have it...
It reminded me 
of a small quilt I had made when I first learned to quilt (below)
One of my favorite things about this old quilt is the one HST pieced the wrong way....
below left.. see it?  That one little surprise, just makes me smile...
If you come for the show, I will be around on the 27th and 28th.. 
Let me know we can say hi... I may go to the show on the 28th..
And the Empire QUILT show is the 26th and 27th...
March 25-30th 2011
Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue (between 66th and 67th Streets), New York City


  1. I love the anniversary quilt, and your bear paw, too. Wish I could join you for the quilt shows. Have fun!

  2. People always talk about pulling a quilt apart to fix one little block like that one, I always tell them to leave it if they aren't entering it in a show. It adds character. I also noticed that the top two borders face in opposite directions and the bottom two go the same way. don't know if it was meant to be that way, or if one of them is a goof too. But the goofs is what makes them so special.

  3. I love your anniversary quilt! It's gorgeous, and that happy mistake triangle makes it even more beautiful. Have fun at those quilt shows- they both sounds fantastic!

  4. Thanks for adding your Bears Paw to the online show. I am loving how they all look together. Isn't it funny how many of those quilts have just the one "mistake." I can see why that feeds into the "deliberate mistake" theory. Besides my star quilt I recently blogged about I have another with a border of hst and there is just one turned the wrong way.

  5. It's a beauty, V. I love the turned around hst too!

  6. The Amish quiltmakers believe that only God can achieve perfection and so will deliberately make a mistake when creating a quilt. Who knows if the quilter also had this befief. Thanks for sharing!

  7. wheee! pretty quilt, and always better with something interesting in it! I sure wish I were going to the show. green with envy!

  8. OMG you are so really is something that will be treasured forever. I would love to try a hand at that someday.

  9. What a great anniversary present. Good luck tomorrow - I know you'll do great!!

  10. what a treasure, just love that border too! I love hst.
    don't you love finding surprises in quilts?
    thanks for sharing.

  11. Victoria....thanks so much for the info on the Empire Quilt Guild's show that weekend! I am making the trip to the city for the Red&White show, and will love to see the guild show, as well. Can you tell me if you have seen the other exhibitions by the Folk Art Museum on quilts.....they are running now through at least that same weekend....The Masterworks exhibit at the Folk Art Museum, and the Super Stars Exhibit at the Lincoln Square branch. Have you seen either of these, cuz my plan is to try and cram all FOUR of these shows into one weekend now! Yikes! Can it be done? But if you've seen the other two, and think I should just focus on the R&W and guild show, I will....what do you think?

  12. That is a fantastic quilt and I love the sideways hst!!

  13. Love your Red and White antique quilt! I like quilts that have quirks in them too. In fact, the one I posted to Taryn's Red and White Gallery has 4 very wonky corners. Pretty amazing when I think how carefully someone made the giant center star. Makes me wonder if two different people actually made the quilt? You can see close-ups of the cornerson my blog. Good luck with your business! Sure wish I could get to New York to see the big Red and White exhibit! Maybe Taryn's on-line gallery will give them a run for their money in sheer numbers if we keep passing the word around!


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