Tuesday, March 1, 2011

head in the clouds: part duex

I meant to get the CLOUD quilt, basted and the quilting started... 
and then I got side tracked...
Do you like it when you get sidetracked?

My pal Trudi sent me some made fabric pieces that she 
challenged me to make something with.
I had them laying on my cutting table,
staring at me...

I had an idea for hexagons and other odd shapes...(octagons), and already had a template drawn up, so I thought,

"What if I cut up what she sent me..."

and that was the rest of my day!

I made the light purple block first with her scraps that she sent,
and thought, " oh! that would make a nice pillow...."
LOL, 3 more blocks later...

PILLOW?  My Patootie!

It's a KING baby or go home!

So, this quilt is officially named my TRUDI quilt.
Today she inspired me, and off I went on a  little quilting adventure...

I guess I really do have my head in the clouds...

Hey! Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!
(and no returns!)
...what can I say, I have a ten year old in the house...

Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space, and Style (That Patchwork Place)

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the drawing for AMY'S BOOK!

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  1. Oh V!!! You're so inspiring! I like your clouds quilt..but I'm also happy you were sidetracked. ;)

  2. TOTALLY cute...keep dreaming!!!

  3. Your cloud quilt is fabulous, I see you changed the border? did you think the first one was too much? Just curious. Yes, I love getting side tracked, some of those journeys are the best! Did you use English paper piecing for the stars?

  4. You are too funny!
    I like your distraction a lot! A king size will be a good one!

  5. Sharon,
    I pieced them with scraps on phone book paper.... small stitch...paper falls away easy...
    Then had fun with the Y seams...
    Yes I did change the border... I thought the white on white print was a nice final touch of movement around the border,
    and I wanted more white space for some lovely quilting!

    good eye spy!

  6. Oh your Cloud quilt looks sooooo good. So light and fluffy. Love your new blocks, too.

    For the record, I don't like it when I get sidetracked. I don't have enough room in my little "studio" (how snobby does that sound haha) to have more than one big-ish project on the go at a time. Also, it messes with my Type-A (or A minus) personality...

  7. You crack me up V! I love your king-size enthusiasm. It's going to be a fun one!

  8. What a distraction! You went from subtle with cloud to ZING!

  9. They are both great! What a beautiful distraction :-) Dristraction is usually good for me... it means my intuition & inspiration are in full swing...

  10. I get sidetracked constantly, but never end up with something that that! VERY COOL!

  11. I so love this cloud quilt !
    I guess your customer will be more than happy with it

  12. I LOOOOVE the side-track! I can't over the cloud-quilt!
    You are on a roll, woman! Yep, go for King: is there really a more satisfying size?


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