Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabric and chocolate!

 The day after.... Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  I know I bribed you all to say nice 
things just to get Jennifer's FABULOUS Beautiful BOOK!
( you can say more, I wont' mind belated ones... hehehe!
besides the giveaway is open til Friday!)

Look at my fabric goodies above! Thank You JACKIE (brights, I'm sure she has more at her shop!), 
and Sharon(red and whites because we met at the red and White show)
and LeeAnn ( GINGHAM SILK!)

My best gift was this:

How can you resist this? massage, quiet time, bake you a goody... hugs and kisses, etc....

 I took her up on the baking a goody today... She made my secret ingredient BLACK BROWNIES
HEAVEN!  I did have to give up a coupon for this, although I did sneak in some hugs 
without having to use up a coupon... sneaky me!
 (OH SO GOOD!!!)

I also got a new scarf from hubby, selected by Boo.... Love it.
and a dinner out at my favorite restaurant...

It was truly a special day... (I got to sew all day!)
Thank you for all your kind wishes!

During my special day, 
I put together a block for EM for her book/quilt project....
I worked on cleaning out my last scrap bin by making
something fun, yes it's KING size is only a sneak peak...
also a few bee blocks...   
And cleaning to make room for our MOD guild on Saturday...
Are you in NYC this weekend? come by!

All is good.

All you Brits across the pond, I'm coming over!

June 15-19th I am in London... come say hi!

Liberty's or bust!

Hope your day was fabulous!


  1. Well that sure looks like a VERY Happy Birthday V!

    Now do tell more about Liberty in the UK???

    Happy Sewing,

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! Lots of thoughtful gifts, especially that coupon book for Mom. I've been to Liberty of London...headed directly for the fabric department. I wanted one of each.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your special day! Oh the coupon book and brownies too,how thoughtful.Beautiful fabrics and that scarf!!! Gorgeous!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday and wonderful goodies from your friends. I remember the coupon books too, always fun to get simple surprises from our children.


  5. You did have a wonderful day!! Terrific gifts from everyone... Hehe... Oh, I think I must e-mail LeeAnn and find out where oh where she got those silks!! MMMMMMM.... those brownies are heaven, I think I ate almost the whole pan at your retreat!! Glad all was good, my friend!

  6. What wonderful gifts and I wish I could come but I would have been there for the red and white if I could have. Those coupon books are the gift that keeps on giving, I love it.

  7. I really wish |I could pop down and see you but that's slap bang in the middle of my exam period. Soak up some Liberty loveliness for me x

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, looks like you had a fab day and when there is fabric and chocolate involved,well need I say more! I think you should share the recipe for the black brownies ok!

  9. Uauuuuuu a great birthday and great gifts.
    ciao ciao

  10. Great day you had! Love your new scarf, just the colors I like.
    And think I will show my kids that coupon idea for my next B-day (not that I can complain - get kisses and hugs all day long).
    And that cake!!! Wonder what the secret ingredient is!!!
    Hugs from Madrid

  11. Belated Birthday Best Wishes. It sounds like a lovely one.

    I could almost have met up with you but I don't arrive in London till the 23rd...for my first ever visit.

  12. those are the best coupon books!! And SILK Gingham?? Be still my heart!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I have enjoyed looking at your pictures from the Red and White show and Peru...

    That paper piecing quilt you are doing with your Mom is really going to be stunning with the red crosses standing out so nicely! hanks for all the eye candy! (Is your brownie recipe really a secret? They look truly yummy! Is the secret ingredient black beans?!?)

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  14. Sounds & looks like you had a perfect day!
    (And the secret ingredient is ...)

  15. wonderful birthday presents! I love that coupon book. In fact, I remember making one of those for my mom when I was a kid too. Happy to hear you had such a great celebration!

  16. Happy Birthday -
    the coupon book and brownies are awesome!
    dinner out is always my favorite too. What is your favorite restaurant?

  17. woohoo for all the birthday wondrousness!

  18. London over my b-day. Hmmmmmmm....maybe I have to pack myself in your suitcase. I could support a Liberty or bust outing. :)

    Love all your b-day goodies, both from friends (fabric!!!) and family. Lovely!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry, I've been out of state and not near a computer. I'm trying to get caught up. Oh for a laptop computer. Can't have everything. Enjoy England. I'd love to go back. Lots of hand crank sewing machines there. I wish I had a hand crank. Eat some fish and chips for me (don't forget the malt vinegar).

  20. Yayyyy! London it is! I booked some time off work, just got to sort out the train and a hotel! See you there! Belated Happy Birthday, it's been niggling my brain I knew it was now! I'll be back for a proper read when life isn't so mad. Big fat hugs!

  21. HaPpY HaPpY Birthday Victoria! What a fun pile you have there ... in fact, the funny thing is, I think LeeAnn bought those silks at my shop when it was in Mukilteo. Too funny, the combination is exactly what we carried along side our dupioni. Now you must tell us more about your London trip .. I just might have to come across from Belgium :)

  22. Well, I'm way behind! Had my head down to make a quilt to send to Japan. :- )

    You had a lovely birthday - I send my belated good wishes for the coming year. You'll be in London for MY birthday this year from the looks of it. That's one place I have always wanted to visit; you'll have to have an extra good time on my behalf!!


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